10+ Times Celebrities Badly Messed Up On Social Media

With all the PR teams celebrities have, you would think that social media blunders would fail to slip through the cracks.

And yet, they keep happening, again and again. We're talking offensive tweets, photoshop fails, accidental posts, and so much more. When this happens, celebs go into damage control mode, stat.

But sometimes, these fails last forever, like these 10+ times celebrities messed up badly on social media.

1. When Kim Kardashian cropped her daughter out of her picture.

Savage, Kim! This star will not even let her child get in the way of a good selfie!

After people started criticizing the reality star for it, this was her excuse: "Her eyes were closed and I was feeling my look! Can I live?!?!"

2. When Zac Efron tweeted that he was grateful for Martin Luther King Jr. and 10 million followers.

These are two things that shouldn't exist in the same sentence, especially on MARTIN LUTHER KING JR. Day.

Care about your followers some other time.

3. When Kris Jenner heavily photoshopped this photo of her and Gordon Ramsay.

She was this close to getting away with this fail. But that dream shattered when Gordon posted the original photo in his own post.

As you can see, she tried to smooth out her and Gordon's faces.

4. When Courtney Love thought that she had solved the lost Malaysian flight.

Maybe stick to singing, Court... Instead of giving false hope to loved ones who were hopeful that her theory was correct.

In the end, what she saw ended up just being boats.

5. When Rita Ora claimed that she was "hacked."

The cringe of this blunder never ends.

In 2014, she offered fans this proposition: get her tweet retweeted 100,000 times and she'll release a new song. But since no one really cared, she deleted the tweet and then claimed she was hacked.

6. When Mary J. Blige misspelled "Intelligence" as "Intelligents."

This is a real head-scratcher. Maybe people keep trying to "understand estimate my intelligents" because she's spelling the word wrong.

Just a thought. Either way, we're sure she took a break from Twitter after that.

7. When Madonna used Martin Luther King Jr. to promote her album:

Zac isn't the only celeb to steal the thunder from Martin Luther King Jr.

The singer sparked outrage with this tweet since she used several notable faces from history to promote her album. This included Nelson Mandela and even Jesus...

8. When Ashton Kutcher defended Penn State's coach, Joe Paterno.

The coach had been fired for neglecting to address alleged child molestation that had taken place in his locker room.

Despite this, Ashton defended him.

"How do you fire Jo Pa? #insult #noclass as a hawkeye fan I find it in poor taste," he tweeted.

After the actor faced backlash, he issued out an apology, writing, "I feel awful about this error."

Better luck next time, Ashton.

9. When Lena Dunham told the world we don't need fathers...on Father's Day.

Yikes. Wrong timing, boo.

Even after she deleted the tweet, people posted the screenshots and ripped the star a new one.

This certainly didn't bode well with people who never had a father or who had lost one.

10. When Scott Disick accidentally pasted the email from a PR person into his post.

We're imagining this got deleted quick.

It just goes to show that the stars aren't even sharing their real thoughts on the products they're pushing us to buy.

11. When Naomi Campbell did the same thing.

Does no one proofread their posts anymore??

The only good thing about this fail is knowing that Naomi was in good spirits at the time of posting it. Her social media was likely taken over by someone after this.

12. When Mia Farrow forgot to crop out the search bar in this tweet.

This sweet birthday tribute turned sour fast.

She doesn't have any pictures of Quincy on her phone? She really had to search "mia farrow and her black children"? This one was definitely one of the worst.

13. When Kim Zolciak Biermann was accused of photoshopping her children's photos.

In case you don't know who Kim is, she was one of the housewives on The Real Housewives of Atlanta.

This means that she knows alll about drama.

But things really got bad when she was caught photoshopping her then-four-year-old daughter, Kaia Biermann.

She ended up making the child's nose smaller and her butt bigger.

People called her "disgusting" on Instagram for the move. It was definitely a polarizing situation.

14. When Vicki Gunvalson didn't check her reflection before posting this.

This is yet another Real Housewives alum who messed up on social media.

Vicki was trying to show off the Beats headphones she got for Christmas from Bravo, but her naked reflection made the final shot.

15. When Bow Wow got caught lying about being on a private plane.

His lie would have been totally believable had it not been for this Twitter user who was also slumming it in coach.

Lesson learned: don't lie about what you're doing!

16. When Lindsay Lohan posted this very obvious photoshop fail.

Clearly, she just wanted to add some junk in the trunk, but couldn't she have made it less obvious?

WALLS AREN'T WAVY LIKE THAT, LINDSAY. Come on, girl. You know better.

17. When Lorde posted a picture of a bathtub with Whitney Houston lyrics.

Oh, girl, no.

This post was highly inappropriate since the late singer was found dead in a bathtub. Even her daughter met the same fate.

18. When Justin Bieber inadvertently posed in front of a controversial shrine in Japan.

During a trip to Tokyo, Justin spotted what he believed to be a shrine designated for prayer.

He pulled over to snap a picture and was shocked to realize that the monument was erected in memory of some of Japan's worst war criminals.

19. When Alec Baldwin hurled homophobic comments at a reporter.

Back in 2013, George Stark falsely accused Alec's wife of infidelity. The eldest Baldwin brother launched into a Twitter tirade, issuing one homophobic tweet after another.

Alec has since made a formal apology for his actions.

20. When Floyd Mayweather reduced Jeremy Lin down to his ethnicity.

Floyd took to Twitter and argued that while Jeremy Lin is a good basketball player, much of his hype is attributed due to his Asian heritage.

He made similar controversial comments when he fought Manny Pacquiao.

21. When Gilbert Gottfried tweeted incredibly insensitive and ill-timed Japanese tsunami jokes.

Gilbert is probably best known for voicing the parrot Iago in Aladdin. He also worked as the Aflac Duck.

Little did he know that Aflac does more than 75% of its business in Japan. The controversial comedian was quickly canned.

22. When *Breaking Bad*'s Dean Norris mistook Google for Twitter.

I bet when this first happened, Dean was probably so confused as to why his phone kept lighting up like a Christmas tree.

Why would he be searching for sex GIFs? Oh, it just came to me...gross.

23. When Charlie Sheen accidentally tweeted his phone number to his millions of followers.

Apparently, Charlie was originally intending to DM pop star Justin Bieber when he accidentally tweeted his number to the world.

The controversial former sitcom star was able to find the humor in his mistake, even taking the time to answer a few of the phone calls that came crashing in.

24. When Chris Brown compared himself to Jesus Christ.

Chris Brown was accused of assaulting fellow R&B star, Frank Ocean, in a parking lot. In the wake of the report, he posted a painting he made of Jesus Christ on the cross.

The caption read "Painting how I feel today. Focus on what matters!"

25. When Donald Trump congratulated the wrong state on their Super Bowl victory.

After the Kansas City Chiefs defeated the San Franciso 49ers in the 2020 Super Bowl, Donald Trump took to Twitter. He said that the Chiefs had done the "Great State of Kansas" proud.

The Kansas City Chiefs don't play in Kansas state. They're from Kansas City, Missouri.

26. When Jaden Smith encouraged a global dropout amongst the youth.

Needless to say, there were a few parents understandably rubbed the wrong way by Jaden telling their children to drop out of school for the betterment of society.

27. When Chris Evans accidentally tweeted a nude selfie.

Few things have ever set the internet ablaze quite like the shot of Captain America's little soldier.

This sent fans into an absolute frenzy and within minutes Chris was trending on Twitter.

28. When Tom Holland spoiled the poster for *Avengers: Endgame*.

Tom was doing an unboxing on his Instagram Live. After showing the poster in all its glory to his legions of fans, he came across a very explicit note marked "CONFIDENTIAL."

He quickly closed the stream but the damage had already been done.

29. When Vanessa Hudgens made incredibly insensitive comments regarding COVID-19.

My nana always used to say that a reputation takes a lifetime to build and only a few seconds to destory.

After watching Vanessa's wine-induced COVID-19 rant, I'm inclined to agree.

30. When *Vanderpump Rules*' Scheana Schay tweeted her thoughts on the COVID-19 quarantine.

Shortly after lockdown announcements were beginning to roll out, Scheana took to her Twitter announcing that she would continue to live her life as she always had.

31. When Bryan Adams went off on a xenophobic rant.

The Canadian pop-rock legend was making headlines for all the wrong reasons after a series of heated comments regarding COVID-19 were made via Bryan's Instagram.

Adams has since apologized for his remarks, stating that his true intention was to help spread the word of veganism.

32. When former star on *The Bachelorette*, Hannah Brown, used a racial slur on Instagram Live.

Hannah was live on Instagram, rapping along to one of her (and my) favorite rappers — Da Baby.

During the verse, Hannah ignorantly said the n-word for her millions of followers to hear.

33. When Mark Ruffalo accidentally live-streamed *Thor: Ragnarok* during the premiere.

Mark had been on Instagram Live earlier that day. When it came time for the screening, he simply forgot to turn off his phone.

He ended up streaming the first 10 minutes of the movie!