15+ Pics That Made Us Sadder Than We Expected Them To

Sometimes life hands you lemons and all you can do is try to make lemonade.

Then again, sometimes life hands you total crap, and all you can do is...cry. These pics might not make you feel optimistic, but there is a silver lining: at least these things aren't happening to you.

My alma mater is Walmart.

Reddit | Spicy-Samich

Grad ceremonies vary in terms of pomp and circumstance. Still, I'm guessing most grads got a ceremony that took place somewhere a little classier than their local Walmart.

Darn meddling ninjas.

Reddit | blackjacketset

If something pops your tire, you're probably expecting a nail or something. This person found that it was...some kind of shuriken throwing star.

No one's going to believe them.

Reddit | lol62056

I'll bet this person's kayaking friends had a good laugh when they heard that their friend couldn't come out today due to a melted boat.

The face says it all.

Reddit | BJK5150

This guy is doing his best to seem thrilled with his present. But when he was already wearing it beforehand, it's hard to get enthused.

Two for the price of one.


This family had a tree fall on not one but both of their cars during a windstorm. That'll be a fun conversation with the insurance company.

Hole wheat.

Reddit | Nutter1557

This keto bread would look okay if it wasn't for the massive, gaping holes on each piece. At least the crust goes all the way around.

Damning evidence.

Reddit | footeperu

"We found my wife’s phone in the toilet yesterday. We weren’t sure which of our three kids put it there.......until my wife scrolled through her pictures today."

Chicken pot cry.

Reddit | ang_17_ella

This person waited a whole hour for their chicken pot pie to get golden brown in the oven, then they dropped it all over their stuff.

Poor Kevin Hart.

Reddit | PlanetCEC

I hope this was either an accident on the part of the arena ops people or a joke that Kevin Hart came up with.

Freezing from home.

Reddit | AKbugaboo

This is what it looks like when the weather is ten degrees below freezing, the heat is out, and working from home is the new order of the day.

Elevator waiter.

Reddit | Warlock-7-

This guy's stuck in an elevator. Having been in that situation, I can say that it's a lousy experience. At least he got a cool pic out of it.

Time to resume the job search.

This person notes that they'd just gotten their first well-paying job as a bagel shop manager, only to find that they're allergic to yeast.

No beginning and no end.

Reddit | jerry_seinfeld1

I don't know what this wedding ring is made of but judging from the fact that it shattered like this, I'm guessing it's plastic.


Reddit | SweetPooJones

This is what it looks like when a couple on a romantic dinner asks their waiter to take a pic. Maybe they should have found a different waiter.


Reddit | beardsnflannels

I love the frenzied, cheerful, just-holding-it-together tone of this note. "My whole life is slipping out of my control! Please don't make it worse! BRB!"

Expensive problems.

Reddit | Sohcahtoa82

You're looking at cheap PVC pipe that's been used for a water main. What's it mean? Apparently, it constitutes over $7,000 in damages for the homeowner.

The saddest sight.

Reddit | Jay_Ferg

This, apparently, was the delivery confirmation photo sent by a DoorDash driver. C'mon, Doordash. You're not even on the person's doorstep.

What could have been.

Reddit | Treemurphy

This goldfish likes nothing more than wistfully staring at videos of the wide-open ocean. Maybe in another life, little goldfish.

Press F to pay respects.

Reddit | LabernumMount

"After years of casual drinking, I have developed alcohol intolerance," this guy wrote. "This started three nights ago. Now after one drink, I look like this."

I got a rock.

Reddit | MonsterVulture

This was supposed to a be a smartphone inside the box. As you can see, it was definitely not a smartphone of any description.