15+ Predictable Outcomes That Were Still Pretty Cool

Life is full of surprises, as the saying goes, but I don't think that's entirely true. In fact, I think most of our lives are filled with stuff we totally see coming.

Just because we know they're going to happen, though, doesn't make them any less interesting. Like the things on this list of predictable outcomes that were still pretty cool.

"Halloween Decorations covered in ice."

The fact that it can freeze over while Halloween decorations are still out is a crime, but it's a cool looking crime.

"This cross section of American cuisine in my local Co-Op [UK]."

It's good to know that American cuisine is mostly boiled down to various versions of Reese's products. I think it's a fair portrayal.

"My Local Library Writes How Much We Save."

This is brilliant. There's something about being told I just saved over $100 that makes me feel powerful.

"Window above my kitchen sink looks like a framed painting."

It's a perfectly still and beautiful painting until a bird flies by and scares the daylights out of you.

"This [F]innish bread-brand put a mask on their mascot."

Good, I don't want him breathing on my bread.

"The sap boiling out of a branch in my fire pit."

I want to eat it. I know it would taste terrible, but I can't fight this urge.

"Got a big ol' salt crystal in my box of salt today!"

I know I said I wanted to eat the last picture, but I really want to eat this one, and it wouldn't even burn my tongue doing it!

"[My] coconut oil melted and then reset into perfect hexagons."

Of course, people asked why this happened, which one user graciously answered, "Hexagons are the shape that has the least outer area for volume, and are the shape with the most sides that [tessellate] evenly. It is naturally the most effective shape for bubbles to form when multiple bubbles touch hence why it happened in this oil [...]."

"The [van] Gogh patterns in this piece of oak wood..."

People guessed that this was the result of a burl, which is caused when a tree becomes stressed! It seems that nature makes art to express emotions, too.

"The way the grass defrosted."

When I was younger, I used to love sitting in the recently thawed grass frost and watch the sun melt the rest.

I...had weird hobbies as a kid.

"The car manual I bought comes with an English to American dictionary."

Thank goodness they included tyre versus tire, that one letter difference would have stumped me for ages!

"This gas station store built into the side of a small butte in Utah."

Personally, I'm all for the return to cave habitats. We don't need to build houses when there are so many rock formations around!

"My goldfish (7yrs) likes watching ocean videos on the ipad."

Just like human seven-year-olds, always on their tablets watching the YouTubes.

"My brother's truck bed after the ice storm in Oklahoma."

I may not like winter, but I love punching out ice windows when this happens to my car.

"Bunny is mesmerized by our outdoor decorations."

That's an inflatable ghost, maybe the bunny is just spooked! Boo!

"[This] cat cafe is not a strip club."

I think the use of the word "naughty" was really what did them in here. What cat café would advertise naughty cats?

"I took a picture of our jack-o-lanterns that looks like it could be the cover of a *Goosebumps* book."

This definitely reads "sits on the shelf of an elementary school library, only taken out once a year during October when the teacher tells kids to pick out a spooky book."

"My [daughter's] slap bracelet is actually a piece of tape measure."

This makes so much sense, I feel silly for having never realized it before.

"I got a whole plane to myself when I was accidentally booked on a flight just meant for moving crew."

You know what this means, right? You're the moving crew now. Time to get to packing.

"My mom uses ski goggles when she cuts onions."

I've lost so much time from clearing my eyes of onion tears. This would turn me into the speediest chef alive.

"The way this snow stayed in place when the trunk was opened/closed."

Forget spoilers, just do this. Customizable, easy to replace, and way cheaper!

"The tigers on these socks look like house cats when turned inside out."

What are tigers if not big house cats? Ferocious jungle predators? Nah, sounds fake to me.

"The way this door is cut to fit the column when you close it."

Such a small design detail, but the ingenuity gives me shivers.

"When the ball drops in NYC, our Hawaii town drops a pineapple."

Super fitting, of course, and way cooler than the original. You win New Years, Hawaii.

"This ball of soap I've created over the past three years by adding soap bars when they become too small to use."

This person is on a whole other level of recycling. No soap goes to waste in this house, it just gets added to the Great Soap Ball.

"This collection of Mystery Science Theater 3000 VHS tapes creates an image when put together."

It is neat, thank you Mystery Science Theater 3000 box set! There may be other image-making box sets out there, but none have the message making sure I notice, so sometimes it goes right over my head.

"New house has a drawer that goes around the sink."

This is something I've never seen before, but now that I have, I'm baffled that it's not standard in every household.

"My cat has the perfect camouflage for November."

As we all know, wild tabby cats spend most of the year hibernating, only to come out in the fall and frolic in piles of leaves.

"A squirrel has been using my boot to stock up for winter."

Well, he's not going to bury it in the dirt like a heathen, now is he? He wants to keep his food clean!

"My tires tell me when they need to be replaced."

I have a car but also know nothing about cars. I need everything to be spelled out plainly like this for me.

"Furniture store bought and repurposed Toys R Us letters for their display."

This reads like a very bouncy and fun threat. "Try us, you won't, you're not brave enough!"

"I discovered that apple cutters also helps to chop mushrooms easily."

My lazy heart is singing. I can feel the pride of self chopped mushrooms while putting in a fraction of the work.

"Shatter Proof Bulb Did Not Shatter!"

A product that's actually true to advertising? So rare these days!

"[What] happens to a gummy bear when it is left submerged in water overnight (normal gummy bear for comparison)."

So you're saying all I have to do is give them a bath and I'll get more gummy bear per gummy bear? Sign me up.

"The m&ms in this vending machine are so old, they’re starting to explode."

I'm not super into how much these look like they're hatching, and how alien the insides look.