Woman Sparks Debate On TikTok By Redecorating A Target Store

Have you ever looked at a store's display and thought, "I could totally make that better"?

Well, TikTokker and aspiring interior store designer Kelsey Venkov had that exact thought while at her local Target. She decided to actually follow through on that impulse and recorded every second of it for a TikTok. Needless to say, it did not go down how she thought it would.

Here's how it started.

Target had a small setup in their home decor section that Kelsey said needed some dressing up. She went around the store and picked up some items she thought would spice it up a little.

And here's the makeover.

She said she thinks Target should hire her to do their styling, since this new look is much more in line with her style.

TikTok users were absolutely not have this at all.

People were angry for two reasons.

The first is pretty easy to see from the comments. No one was a fan of her just grabbing random stuff and putting it where it didn't belong.

Some Target employees said this would be a problem at their stores.

Most answers indicated they would not be allowed to put the display up, and someone would have to return all the items to their spots. Some had more chill managers who would let it stay, however!

They said Target does their own designing.

Kelsey hitting Target up for a job she didn't think existed rubbed a lot of people the wrong way. The workers would be forced to return the items because that job already exists and the chair was styled already.

The rug was a big deal, too.

A fair complaint came from those who said putting the rug down basically made it unsellable. People would walk all over it and get it dirty, which is fair.

Some people thought everyone else was seriously overreacting.

There was a lot of debate about whether what she did was cute, or just annoying for retail workers. Retail workers also chimed in and debated whether their store would allow the display to stay.

One user caught Kelsey's attention.

Kelsey replied that she was sorry if she created extra work, and that she did used to work in retail. This only seemed to anger commenters, who claimed she should have "known better."

However, here's a reason people are mad that I totally understand:

Unsplash | Edwin Hooper

We're in the middle of a global pandemic, and she just touched so many unnecessary objects. If she was asymptomatic and touched all of that, there is a small chance of transmission.

h/t: Buzzfeed