15+ Great Ideas That Could Take The World By Storm

When you think of inventions that changed the world, you might think about cars, refrigerators, solar panels...big creations that hugely impacted how we live!

However, there are always new inventions being made that are worth keeping an eye on, like the ones on this list of great ideas that could take the world by storm.

"My flannel has a piece of microfiber on the inside to clean your glasses."

I need a whole wardrobe of just these. No more hoping the material of my shirt will just do the job enough.

"Our new fridge has a filtered water pitcher in it."

As someone who doesn't own a water filter at all, this feels like the height of luxury.

"This grocery store has a map of where to find items on every cart."

Why is this not standard? I feel bad stopping in front of every aisle to read the sign, I'm holding up traffic!

"My wood glue has a [built] in cap holder, so you won't lose it."

Finally, no more throwing the cap in my pocket just to forget and then find it in my dryer all warped after laundry day.

"Steering wheel broke, needed to finish the yard. Thankfully I know how to drive a stick."

Years of driving and I still don't know how to drive stick. Standard stick or this type of stick.

"My friend carved these Hocus Pocus pumpkins and put glow sticks in them so they glow different colors!"

Yes, I know Halloween just passed but glowsticks in the jack-o'-lanterns is a game-changer.

"Fixed hole in my exhaust with a baked bean tin (was quoted more than the car was worth)."

I always knew tin cans could be reused for purposes other than cheap pencil holders.

"[This] restaurant has a table with swings."

Is the danger worth the fun? Yes. I think so. I'll have the time of my life and leave with a new bruise.

"This hotel that I'm staying at has a wall mounted wireless charger."

Wireless charging is still such a mystical, magical thing to me. It being this convenient and commonplace is even more so!

"This CVS in an old bank."

I adore modern stores in old architecture. I once went to a bookstore in an old cathedral and it was nothing short of magical.

"This pickle jar has a tool for lifting the pickles to the top."

Years of fork fishing, finally over. The answer was a ladle all along.

"Today I found out My Microwave has a mute option."

All the joy of a midnight Hot Pocket without any of the guilt from waking up your family/roommates.

"Redneck outdoor WiFi extender."

It's not stupid if it works, which, according to the person who built it, it did!

"Finland has a drying rack built in above the sink."

Now this is the type of kitchen space conservation I've been looking for. It's perfect!

"The toaster in my hotel room has a pop-tarts setting."

Pop-Tarts are finicky things! One second too long and your icing's melted right off.

"This laptop at work has a measuring tool that pops out of the side of it."

I constantly lose every ruler I buy. No, I don't know how, but this would be a lifesaver.

"My dad has a cap with a solar powered fan on it."

Tackiness doesn't matter when it provides premium comfort.

"This cereal bowl has a straw to suck out milk."

There's a certain childish glee involved with slurping the milk right out of the bowl, but this is undeniably cleaner.

"How they replanted this forest to smile at you in the fall."

How has forest art not gotten more popular? It's so cute, and makes nature all the more beautiful!

"My local coffee shop recycles milk containers as carry trays."

A great way for them to reduce their waste and for you to broadcast that you shop at hip, indie coffee shops.

"My Pizza Hut pizza came with [its] own bottle of cheese."

I would give anything for my local Pizza Hut do to this. Putting parmesan cheese on pizza feels so fancy.

"The hospital I work for was originally designed to be a hotel."

Great lights aside, this seems like it'd be a great design choice. It's probably way cozier!

"Many homes in this golf community have golf cart garages."

I don't like golf even a little bit, but there's a weird type of allure to having a second, tinier garage for a little car.

"This McDonalds in New Zealand has a decommissioned plane you can dine in."

Following the theme of building recycling, here's an unusual one. Was the plane donated, or did they buy it? What was that pitch meeting like?

"My new winter boots have metal fragments embedded in the sole to help with grip on ice."

I'm very scared of slipping on ice. Winter as a season makes me super nervous, so this is incredible and I need to purchase a pair immediately.

"Washer quit on us, so we made the most of it and built ourselves a (nearly) free firepit."

Of all the appliance upcycling I've seen, this is the least ugly. Good job!

"This Hot Wheels car made to fit a GoPro."

Apparently, there are already a lot of YouTube videos filmed with these, so I know what I'll be watching later.

"My dad turned a beer keg into this nightstand."

There's definitely a market for this. I'm not it, but there is one.

"My neighborhood just put out free to borrow snow shovels and brooms for the winter."

What? There are neighborhoods that actually implement communal features instead of just pretending they're all strangers forever?

"Locks to lock your bike up."

It's all fun and games until someone with a big key rolls up and gets up under it.

"This sign in the [aisle] of my local grocery for lost spouses."

I'm not married, but when I was a kid I would watch my dad lose my mom almost immediately in grocery stores. This is smart.

"A bike repair station on a bike path with rack and tools."

Bold of you to assume I know anything about how to fix my bike, tools or no tools.

"Fencing on a ['40s] London housing development made from WW2 stretchers."

This is an amazing way to use history in a functional way. Not left to decay, and also not forgotten!

"These handles don't connect to the floor so the floor can be cleaned more easily."

The perfect way to keep things cleaner, just take more things off the floor!

"My university has a rack for people to lock their skateboards!"

This is nice. I can't imagine skateboards are comfortable to carry around everywhere.