10+ Of The Weirdest Celebrity Moments In 2020

It's hard to name another year quite like 2020.

We've dealt with hell and back during this time, including the coronavirus, being stuck in lockdown, a toilet paper crisis, and even "murder hornets."

That's plenty without celebs going all haywire on us. And yet, they've done just that.

If you can handle it, here are 10+ of the weirdest celebrity moments in 2020.

1. When Dr. Phil proved that *he* might be in need of therapy.

Uh... is Robin okay?

Has anyone checked on her recently? Because, based on this very cringy and sinister post, this may be the last documented photo of the talk show host's wife.

2. When Priyanka Chopra clapped for the first responders.

While first responders deserve all the praise in the world for their involvement during the coronavirus, it was just odd to see Chopra clap alone on her balcony while staring off into the distance.

It's even more awkward when you realize that Nick Jonas was the one who filmed this.

3. When Vanessa Hudgens said that coronavirus deaths are "terrible but inevitable".

So comforting.

The High School Musicial star made these comments in a very poorly-received Instagram video. She also said that being in lockdown "'til July sounds like a bunch of [expletive]. I'm sorry."

Given the fact that it's now November and the world is *still* impacted by the pandemic, she must be eating her words.

She did back then, anyway, as she apologized after her insensitive comments went viral.

4. When Elon Musk downplayed the coronavirus.

Although this tweet is relatively new, it did not age well. He later tweeted, "Fear is the mind-killer."

Fans believed that the virus was something to fear after it killed over a million around the world and caused millions to be unemployed.

That's not the only weird thing Elon Musk did in 2020.

He also named his first son with his girlfriend, Grimes, "X Æ A-12."

If you don't know how to pronounce it, you're not alone. This soon led to so many memes.

5. When Sam Smith posted the stages of him being bored during quarantine.

While we've all had moments of boredom during quarantine, it was hard to sympathize with the star who gets to stay in his $12 million home in London.

It also didn't help matters that Sam's post was compared to the story of 99-year-old Captain Tom Moore who walked 100 laps of his garden before his 100th birthday in order to raise money for the NHS.

After all the backlash happened, Sam apologized.

"I posted with my humour and stuff, but it just didn’t get picked up very well, but I didn’t mean any malice by it at all," they wrote on Twitter.

They also wrote that it was "bad timing."

6. When the world turned on Ellen DeGeneres.

2020 has not been Ellen DeGeneres's year.

The talk show host first rubbed fans the wrong way when she complained about being bored despite living in a mansion and calling up celeb friends.

Then, rumors about her being mean started to surface.

7. When Gyneth Paltrow urged her followers to accomplish something during quarantine.

"Write a book, learn an instrument or a language or learn to code online, draw or paint)," she wrote on Instagram.

Thing is, that's easy for her to say when she has the privilege of time and not worrying about money.

8. When Drake showed off his lockdown pad.

Showing off his home was fine (we like Instagram versions of MTV Cribs), but what wasn't fine was his caption: "My life for the next however long."

What a hard life the rapper must live...

It made it seem like he was complaining about having to stay inside his $100 million Toronto home, which comes with a basketball court that's even NBA regulation-size.

9. When Prince Harry and Meghan Markle announced that they were stepping down from their royal positions.

In an Instagram post shared on January 8, they wrote that their decision to "step back as ‘senior’ members of the Royal Family and work to become financially independent" came after "many months of reflection and internal discussions."

After briefly living in Vancouver, the couple and their son, Archie, relocated to Meghan's hometown of Los Angeles.

Without the British media following their every move, it's hard to say what the couple is up to these days.

At one point, she even danced around to her ex Justin Timberlake's music.

"PS I know we had one of the world's biggest breakups 20 years ago …… but hey the man is a genius !!!! Great song JT !!!! Pssss if you KNOW WHAT'S GOOD !!!!!!" she wrote.

Uh... 'kay?

10. Any of Britney Spears' posts.

Over the past few months, the singer's Instagram has gotten weirder and weirder. One video shows her walking back and forth multiple times for no reason.

This had led to all sorts of conspiracy theories that she's in need of rescuing from her family.

11. When Madonna serenaded fans with a song about fried fish.

I don't even think you need my explanation as to why this video is NEXT-LEVEL weird.

All you need to do is watch as the singer sings about "fried fish" into her hairbrush at three a.m.

"I cringed so hard watching this," one wrote.

"Wealthy celebrities who are the definition of full of themselves and all their price possessions have the nerve to sing 'Imagine no possessions.'"

Yikes! Maybe try donating next time, guys!

12. When Gal Gadot gathered 20 celebrities to sing "Imagine" by John Lennon.

These celebs really thought they did something when they released this video of them singing "Imagine."

Instead of inspiring fans, they hit all the wrong notes and were mocked by fans as a result.