16+ People Who Need To Learn To Double-Check Their Photos

Photographs help us capture one moment in time for the rest of our lives, however, they also can allow us to inadvertently capture embarrassing or unexpected things in the background of our pictures!

So, with this in mind, please enjoy these 16+ people who need to learn to double-check their photos.

"The best picture I have ever taken!"

All I can hear when I look at the background of this picture is that kid screaming, "Freedom!" to themselves.

"I may see a better selfie of a man, a baby and a dog this month but I doubt it..."

At a quick initial glance, I thought that this was just a baby with a ponytail on the top of their head, but alas not!

"From the family photo album..."

That kid is a real professional, even being smacked in the eye with a stick won't stop them from smiling for the camera!

What A Lovely Photo!

"Do you want to eat your meal?"

"Nope, I'm all full up on window!"

"I told you not to fill up on glass!"

We're Going To Need A Bigger Boat...

The person who posted this unsettlingly went on to write, "The water was so reflective, not even the photographer was aware that the great white was behind him until they looked at the photo."

"My son has mastered the photobomb."

It looks like the kid in the background and the car are in cahoots with this prank, look at the face on that car!

Ghostly Photobomb...

Legend has it that this man's eerie face can be found somewhere in every photo ever taken!

"My daughter thought this was her. Bonus: My son in the background."

It's good to spot a future narcissist as early as possible, and this is a pretty big signifier!

Try Not To Trip...

Nothing like falling downstairs at a party to immortalize yourself as the drunkest person at the party!

"Canopy in the background makes it look like DJ Khaled just graduated!"

Congratulations! Dear Christ, I'm glad that I didn't have to wear a coat as brain-meltingly hideous as that at my graduation!

"Mitch McConnell's vote photobombed by unhappy constituent."

He saw his opportunity and by God he took it. I'm sure the photographer was elated or furious with this discovery.

"Took a picture of a friend and [captured] something in the background."

This is why it is important to remember to not let your child get too attached to their pacifier!

"Had a caption until the lady in the background nailed it for me."

I wonder what flavour this thing is. I'm aware that there are more strange questions you could have in relation to this item, but I've chosen my position.


I can't tell whether they are trying to smile for a picture with this kid or they are trying to see if they could eat that kid in one bite.


Everyone knows that seagulls are opportunistic ice-cream thieves, so why would you taunt them like this!

"Accidentally photobombed my girlfriend's sister's engagement photos after a long night of drinking."

Apparently, he was told to hold his girlfriend's camera bag, but in his hungover stupor managed to wander into the background of the photoshoot.

"Mom Reflexes!"

Well, it's important that kids learn important lessons about things such as...gravity from an early age!

Your Cat Has A Problem!

This cat looks like it should be hiccuping and saying, "Come on, jusht one mo' drunk, give me one more, I'm not even that drink!"

"Sometimes you just know you’re being watched."

He looks like he wants to whisper a secret to you. Will you listen?

"I got my little brother a ghillie suit for [C]hristmas and now he [won't] stop hiding behind the tree."

You got your brother a ghillie suit for Christmas, what exactly did you expect to happen?

"Took a pic of my daughter at a movie in the park. Didn't realize I caught a little kid throwing a legitimate ultimate punch in the background."

Your daughter has a very specific expression, like she's saying, "Get a load of those guys, whew."

"My cats are apparently horrified at my staggering amount of credit card debt. Poor little guy in the back almost threw up."

That, or they're mad at how much you skimp out on their food. They had a feeling you'd been feeding them generic brand.

"Cut a hole in the back of the tv stand for wires. Someone’s hiding spot was discovered."

Or he's trying to help you feed the wires through. Don't automatically assume the worst.

Bending Over Backwards.

Such distaste for a girl doing a nice pose. He's just jealous because he can't look nearly as cute.

"A photographer missing a perfect shot behind him."

But another photographer captured it and the hilarity of that photographer missing it.

"I took a selfie and saw myself 20 years in the future. (I'm wearing khakis too)."

At least you know for the next 20 years, you're invincible! You'll make it to that age no matter what!

"[Most] wholesome photobomb."

It looks wholesome, but you know that kid is about two seconds away from asking for a sip of their drink.

"Trains in Korea are a bit different than those back in the states."

I don't know, the layout seems the same, but the passengers are pretty out there.

"My mother sent me this picture, saying 'Look at the cool new door I just got for the garden!' mention of why there was a ravaging prairie fire in the background."

Well that's not the point of the picture now is it? She wants you to look at her cool new door!

"Largest photo bomb ever [...]."

Photobombing really has become a "go big or go home" type of game these days. Normal, puny ones don't do it anymore.

"Triple photobomb: Sister, football, dolphin."

Don't forget the other brother, he's really the star of the show here.

"Taking a selfie with the teacher while she's having contractions."

I'm sure she'll be incredibly grateful that someone recorded this moment, and she definitely won't be docking marks for embarrassing her.

"Aww my boyfriend is so sweet! Sneaking shots of me..."

Well, this one is just incredibly sad, what a modern tragedy told in one photo.

"My brother was taking a picture of my brother reading while another brother stubbed his toe in the background."

"Just ignore him. Don't look over there, he wants the attention. Just keep reading. He'll be fine."

"My friend got his tux in and sent me a pic. I had to bring it to his attention what was going on in the background."

It took me a lot longer than I would care to admit to notice the cat vomiting into the toilet here because, well...that is a look!