15+ Folks Who Are Determined To Stand Out From The Crowd

Some people are destined to stand out from the rest of us, they're the sorts of people who dress up as dog biscuits or get tattoos of crossovers that will leave you terrified and permanently confused.

So, please enjoy being baffled by these 15+ folks who are determined to stand out from the crowd!

"Halloween 1998 when I thought dressing as a giant milkbone would make dogs like me."

But, it doesn't look like there are any dogs at this Halloween party, it just looks like it's full of children?

"Music is very important to this guy."

Look, no one wants to have to sit on public transport without headphones on, this isn't the '70s where we had to talk to people!

"Is... Is this what these are for?"

I mean, what else are these for if not for our own mild amusement? I can't see a better use for them personally.

"At first glance I was excited a woman and her mythical creature husband were selling a home in my neighborhood."

Centaurs can make great real estate agents, no matter if you're looking to sell a house or a stable, they've got you covered!

But, Why?

Look, the artistry is undeniably amazing, I just don't know why they did it. Also, why isn't it centered properly?!

"Ride or Die."

A part of me really wants to have a go in this "car," but it is a part of me that I am deeply displeased with.

"You are what you fix..."

Okay, so this is an example of your more modern type of centaur. As you can see this type of centaur has better suspension and durability.

"The face of hesitation on this dog."

Something tells me that this dog really isn't a big fan of the 1982 classic, The Thing.

"This guy is [an] air force pilot. Unfazed..."

You'd think that going to an amusement park would be a bit of a busman's holiday for an airforce pilot, wouldn't it?

"I'm not even mad, that's amazing."

Where is he hiding it though? That outfit doesn't look like it has many hiding places. You know what, actually I don't want to know.

"Friend spotted this guy outside her office..."

I like how detailed the sign is, most people would have just put, "...gave me herpes," but this guy went the whole hog.

"This guy listening to the safety brief before takeoff with safety manual in hand and a highlighter!"

Maybe it is their first flight and they just want to be absolutely sure that they know what they're doing! Or, maybe they're just a kissass...who knows!

What Nightmarish Mind Came Up With This...

I genuinely don't know where to begin with this. I absolutely love Monsters Inc. and Star Wars, but this is just a crossover that no one really wanted.

"At 16 I have become the first person in human history to perform in Carnegie Hall with Lightning McQueen socks."

That's what they think, but have they checked the socks of every performer at Carnegie Hall in history? Didn't think so!

"My actual senior photo, yes that is a real sword I worked for a year to buy..."

This cow looks wonderfully underwhelmed at this guy's new sword, and to be fair, who wouldn't be?

"I'm supposed to be marrying this woman, but now I'm having second thoughts."

Shockingly, this person went on to add, "I have just been informed that my fiancée eats Snickers bars with a knife and fork. She passes on the message that they taste a lot better that way. I am packing my bags as we speak."

"A romantic horseback ride on the beach."

So, did these guys have that horse mask with them on the off-chance? Or, did they follow this horse riding troupe around with a horse mask waiting for this occasion?

Extreme Hair!

I wonder how much hair spray this person goes through in a year. Also, it must be really hard to get through narrow doorways.

"[My] favorite photo I've ever taken is of a kid tripping into $100k car."

I don't see how anyone can just trip into a car like this. That kid was already running for it, full force.

"Kevin!? What have they done to you???"

The horrible fate these dinosaurs faced, and we display them in museums for our own entertainment? It's barbaric! No wonder their families are outraged!

"He really tapped like he was in distress."

With a face like that, it's clear he's being kept in there for your protection, not his.

"The pillow my mom made me really ties the room together."

It has no choice but to, it's so big that it has its own gravitational pull.

"Friend's GF really loves his new shirt."

Your friend seems to love it too. All in all, a great fashion choice.


Just a casual, everyday look. Perfect for going to a coffee shop, a quiet night out, or visiting the library!

"Rule 1 in advertising : Don't allow the customer to contact you."

They have to get the allure going first. Make them think about you, wonder about you, want you.

"This bathroom."

I love tacky things, so the colors here really do it for me, but knit material in a bathroom makes me viscerally uncomfortable.

Taking A Detour.

"If I go my usual route I'll be late for work. Ugh, I'll have to cut through the lake, hopefully the waves aren't too bad."

"This brave man made a tire cover that absolutely kills me."

This looks like every grandparent learning how to work the front camera on a phone for the first time.

"Left this on the porch for Halloween this year."

Kids who don't celebrate Christmas had a field day with this one!

"This skull bass and skull guitar."

Of course, these would be best suited for some sort of metal band, I'd love to see a pop artist's backing band rocking these.

"I don’t even know what to say about this Automotive."

Is it trying to be retro or futuristic? I can't figure it out and it's hurting my head.

"Tell us how you really feel!"

Hey, they have a point. Turn them off, you're blinding everyone else!

"Ikea bag clothing..."

No wonder that guy had to rip off his sleeves, I can't imagine how hot that must have been. They look like the worst Mortal Kombat characters ever.

"We have an order for... is he really here?"

Everyone needs a filling lunch to get them through the day, even space overlords.

"Southern folks just make things work."

"Dear Postal Worker, if you're dropping off a TV dinner, go right ahead and pop the microwave on for me while you're there! It'll save me a job."