10+ Famous People Who Look Exactly Like Cartoon Characters

If you know anything about me, you know that I'm a sucker for animation. Cartoons and comics helped shape my childhood, and not a lot's changed since I've become an 'adult.'

So I thought it might be fun to apply that lens to some of our favorite actors in Hollywood! Take a look at these 10+ famous people who look exactly like cartoon characters.

He-Man and Tom Brady.

I mean, come on! Put a blonde wig on Tom and he basically is He-Man. You combine that with his prowess on the football field and Tom Brady is a real-life superhero.

He's even wearing the Stark Infinity Gauntlet!

Kim Possible and Karen Gillan.

If Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle taught us anything, it's that Karen Gillan is definitely a strong empowered woman.

Furthermore, she is hands down the best choice for a live-action Kim Possible movie. The resemblance is staggering.

Ned Flanders and Bryan Cranston.


Isn't this a fun contrast? Comparing arguably one of the most pious TV characters of all time with one of the vilest and most reprehensible?

Bryan Cranston does have a certain Flanders appeal — especially when he rocks the mustache.

The Riddler and Neil Patrick Harris.

All it takes is just take one look at Neil Patrick Harris' crooked smirk to understand why he'd be a phenomenal choice to portray The Riddler.

No disrespect to Paul Dano, of course — who I'm sure will also be great.

Superman and Henry Cavill.

I mean...what is there to say, really? This might be the most perfect cast of all-time. In fact, I can't even tell where Superman ends and Henry Cavill begins.

Here's to hoping that the Snyder Cut of Justice League is all we hope it will be!

Sterling Archer and Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

For a long time, Joseph Gordon-Levitt had his sights set on portraying Morpheus from Neil Gaiman's "The Sandman" series.

Sadly, that didn't work out. But perhaps a consolation would be to make a live-action Archer movie?

Fred Flintstone and John Goodman.


Yes, I understand that John Goodman has already played Fred Flintstone on film. But you have to hand it to the producers and casting directors for being able to call a spade a spade.

The Flintstones Movie might not have been fantastic, but I can't think of anyone who better embodies the role. Can you?

Luanne Platter and Jennifer Lawrence.

Luanne and Jennifer are kindred spirits. On the surface, some might make the mistake of judging them to be meek or timid.

You would be incredibly wrong to do so, and both Luanne and Jennifer would probably punch you in the mouth for forgetting your place.

The Evil Queen and Megan Fox.

I think Megan knew that I was writing this article and wanted to throw me an olive branch. This selfie just screams "I am an evil Disney character."

Which I mean only in the most complimentary of ways.

Jessica Rabbit and Christina Hendricks.

Both Christina Hendricks and Jessica Rabbit have a lot more in common than you might think. They may portray themselves as incendiary femme Fatales, but it's nothing more than a ruse.

They're as cunning as a fox, with a keen and inquisitive intellect to match. Unabashed and fearless in their own skin — as they should be.

Chuckie Finster and Ed Sheeran.

Can't you just picture Ed saying to his friends "I don't think that's such a good idea." If Ed ever wanted to disappear at Comic-Con, I know the perfect costume for him!

Imagine hearing "Thinking Out Loud" in the vein of Chuckie Finster?! I'd die.

Anna and Anna Kendrick.

They not only look alike but Anna Kendrick can belt out a tune with the best of them!

I think she and Disney might have to have a long conversation about likeness rights and what, if any, Frozen profits Anna may be entitled to!?

Green Lantern and Michael B. Jordan.

I go back and forth on this: on the one hand, I really really want Michael B. Jordan to play Superman in the DCU. On the other, he's also my dream cast to play John Stewart, should they ever make a Green Lantern movie.

No — they didn't. The one with Ryan Reynolds doesn't count.

Tony Stark aka Iron Man and Robert Downey Jr.

The image you see on the left is a shot of Tony Stark from the Spider-Man (1994 TV Series). Marvel couldn't have found a more perfect Iron Man for their live-action adaptations.

RDJ helped change how the world views superheroes and for that, I say "thank you."

Captain Hook and Russell Brand.

Am I wrong in thinking that a boozy, Aldous Snow-inspired Captain Hook would be hilarious? I can literally picture him hunting down the crocodile and doing battle with Peter Pan as I'm writing this.

Clap your hands and say that you believe it!