Ayyy! Henry Winkler Celebrates His 75th Birthday

Break out your leather jackets and get ready to jump some sharks — we're celebrating pretty much the coolest guy in the history of basically ever. Of course, if my husband is reading this, then you're the coolest guy in the world, sweetie, yes, I promise.

Henry Winkler has brought to life some of our favorite characters, and today is his (Happy) day!

Henry Winkler was one of our first crushes.

When he starred in Happy Days as the epitome of cool, suave, and handsome Arthur "Fonzie" Fonzarelli, he cemented a love for bad boy rebel types in the hearts of young girls all around the world.

Nobody rocks a leather jacket quite like The Fonz.

He's more than *just* Fonzie, though.

Henry's been in Arrested Development, Childrens Hospital, Parks And Recreation, Royal Pains, Barry, The Practice, The Waterboy, Holes, Scream, and the list goes on.

He's won three Emmys, two Golden Globes, and been nominated tons more, so it's clear Henry is more than just a handsome face in a cool leather jacket.

Henry was born on October 30, 1945.

That means this year he's celebrating his 75th birthday!

It's hard to believe the man we had a crush on as teenagers is already 75 (and if you're about to do the math to try to figure out how old we are, our lawyers will be sending a cease and desist notice to your house immediately).

Obviously, fans are celebrating the birthday of this living legend.

The best way to spend today would probably be a Happy Days marathon, and we're sure our bosses will be very understanding when we have to call in sick with Fonzie Fever.

What was your favorite episode? Tell us in the comments below!