14+ People Who Think They’re All That And A Bag Of Chips

Some people just can't help but show off how cool they think that they are, from eating foods inexplicably with chopsticks to riding a motorbike with...interesting apparel.

So, with this in mind, please enjoy these 14+ people who think they're all that and a bag of chips!


There are some things that may as well read, "The owner of this spends far too much time and money in strip clubs," and this is one of those items.

"There was an attempt to join an Olympic team..."

Wow, how high and mighty of the Ireland Olympic Federation to think that they're better than this kid!

"My wife was angry at me for buying such a huge cat tree for our blind cat. 'She's blind. She won't be able to climb that thing!' 36 hours later..."

This person went on to say, "the first time she got up there she jumped down. The second time, she whined until I got her down. She is slowing learning though. And I didn't have to call the fire dept."

"The way this dog is looking at Jimmy Fallon. They got beef."

What could Jimmy Fallon have possibly done to this dog to incur such fury? Maybe the dog hates being forced to watch his show with his constant fits of laughter.

Introducing, The Hortah...

First of all, they're having a go at poor Michael about his gymnastic abilities, and now they're questioning his genius Hortah idea? This is outrageous.

"This tramp stamp..."

I mean, it's a fairly clever tramp stamp idea, but at the end of the day, it is still a tramp stamp...

"A local computer repair shop thinks they're funny."

"Dave, was it you who put the mouse in the trap outside?"

"Yeah! It's bloody hilarious right?!"

"I think we're going to have to let you go."

"I ran into a guy wearing the same exact outfit as me at a club..."

Christ in Crocs, that is a pair of...looks! I can smell the sweat and cheap lager through this picture!

"My local ice cream shop sharing TRUTH."

I hate it when you see therapy dogs lauding it over other dogs! Just because you've had access to a better education system doesn't make you better than other dogs!

"Stoner kitty!"

Someone said that they should have filled it with "catnipabis" which is one of the greatest things I've heard!

"Joseph. The Ladies Man..."

Confident statement aside, that is one hell of a strange-looking thumbs up. Or is he giving the camera the finger guns, I can't tell?

Jeez, Jerry, Chill!

You're in a workplace, Jerry, I really don't think that this kind of suggestion is very appropriate, do you?!

"All of my coworkers agreed to dress up as smurfs for Halloween. I'm the only one to go through with it."

I bet that it was a long, long day in work for this smurf. He must have been left feeling a little blue at the end of it.

"My local movie theater thinks they're hilarious..."

Someone needs to tell this aspiring comedian that a joke this basic really doesn't require that much preamble.

"If you see an opportunity, take it..."

Ah yes, this would have been the purr-fect crime if it wasn't for this piece of damning evidence!

"Don't park like an ass..."

No one has the right to park like an asshat, no matter who you are! Good to see the cling-film bandit taking matters into their own hands.

"Single file line please..."

The fact that he spent actual money on this is baffling, although, you never know, it could really pay off!

"My buddy was told he could wear a costume..."

Was he the only one told he could wear a costume? Or was everyone told and he was just the only one fun enough to do it?

"I've had the same giraffe shower curtain since I moved in a few years ago. At 26, I thought it was time to get a more serious curtain."

Ah yes, a much more refined curtain. Not for children, this one, only for serious adults.

"I crocheted our tortoise a Tank sweater. She is now Frank the Tank."

You fool, you've weaponized her! She'll now demand fruit salad every day, and you can't say no, she'll blow you to smithereens!

"There goes their screen time."

Someone had to be taking the photo, clearly Mom is in on this. She got tired of all their questions.

"Husband made a barrier, and these two are not happy about it."

Are you sure they're upset by the restriction, or are they upset by the less-than-accurate artistic portrayal of them?

"I’m painting a collection of Memes. Here’s the progress so far."

Really going for a mix of new and old here, a very robust collection.

"I have to wear this outfit everyday [*sic*] for work. Today is especially fun. Already been asked 5 times by strangers 'What would you do if I killed your dog?'."

That's kind of a messed up thing to ask, John Wick costume or not.

"To spread anarchy."

In a way, it kind of worked! In a paradoxical sense, maybe, but it worked!

"I need answers."

"That wheel in our cage is but a false prophet! No matter how much we run on it, it gets us nowhere!"

"Best pest control company slogan I’ve ever seen."

Honest, but a little more guilt-inducing. I don't want to think about what happens, I just want them gone.

"She knows what the fence is, she doesn't care."

You think that piddly little fence will stop a full-grown goose? All they know is chaos.

"Richmond Zoo knows its priorities."

If there's one thing I love zoos for, it's their commitment to animal conservation!

"[It’s] the dude from the math problems!"

The logical answer is that he owns farm animals and uses this for feed. The fun answer is that he has a lot of Thanksgiving stuffing to make.

Trusty Steed.

"No longer will we let humans ride our animal kingdom brethren, now we ride them!"

"You may be cool, but are you motorcycle and frozen backpack cool?"

In short, no I am not motorcycle and Frozen backpack cool, and sadly I don't think that I ever will be.

"A sign at a local hole in the wall Taco place."

They have a point. I do think a taco would make evacuating a tornado better.

"This guy is an air force pilot. Unfazed..."

Wow, what a major flex on all of the people losing their minds! Although, they do look like they're having more fun than this guy!