16+ Times One Picture Told An Entire Hilarious Story

Sometimes, the greatest stories of all are the simplest ones, which is something that I'm sure that M. Night Shyamalan will be overjoyed to discover.

And, often these simply brilliant tales can be captured in one image, so please enjoy these 16+ times one picture told an entire hilarious story!

"This section of cement tells a short story."

That seems like someone had a quite harsh stop on their rollerblades! Christ, I was absolutely awful on rollerblades, I only went on them once and knocked out three teeth.

"Every picture tells a story..."

It looks like this bison is just looking down the camera and saying, "Go on, I dare you to try and take these pants. Go on, make my day!"

Oh, Pikachu, What Have You Done Now?

Pikachu was always in trouble with the police, apparently, it was a nightmare when they were trying to film the original Pokémon series.

Wonder What Happened Here Then...

Some say that this scooter is still here, immortalized as a permanent reminder of this person's idiocy! A monument of dingbattery.

"Some pictures tell the story for itself."

"Allan, are you sure that this is a road?"

"Steve, for the last time, if you can drive on it, then it's a road!"

"I've dropped my friend at [an] interview for work, she sent me this."

Nope, I don't even want to think about what people were wiping on this wall in order to make this sign necessary.

"My neighbor explaining what happened in their traffic incident report..."

The deer's expression is perfect! Although, the fact that they have no hands on the wheel in this drawing might not work out well for them.

"What happened to him?!"

All I can imagine is that this tiger is crying, "Steve! Steve, what have they done to you? Steeeevvvveeeee!"

"There's a story behind every sign..."

You would think that anyone who was experiencing "active diarrhea" would not be thinking, "Ooh, you know what I need, a bloody good swim!"

It's Harder Than It Looks...

A few people genuinely believed that he was simply crying tears of joy at having gotten a whip as a present.

"A Short Story..."

"Great throw, Steve... Now, are you going to go and get it? 'Cause I can tell you right now that I'm not getting it."

"I need answers..."

Whatever this hamster is preaching about, they're obviously very captivating, just look at that crowd! It's a better crowd than most local bands get.

"I'm not sure what happened here, but I'm kinda sad I wasn't invited..."

I know that some people can have very strange bowel movements due to medical conditions, but this is something else!

"I missed school yesterday. I'm really curious as to what happened."

Ah yes, the great Cheez-its disaster of November 14, it will be remembered for years to come in hushed tones throughout the school's halls.

Seems Pretty Targeted...

You would think that this is such a specific incident that they wouldn't need a sign for this, and yet here we are!

"Whenever I see a banged up car, I wonder what happened. This guy answered the question."

Hmm, we only have his word to go on though, I feel like I might need a little more evidence. They should strap a TV to the side of the car that is permanently running security footage showing the crash.

"Saw This Today..."

At least the recipient of this box got to eat a box of chocolates before having to deal some truly heartbreaking news.

"The story of one whole year in one picture..."

Lord alive, you wouldn't just want this year in the reduced to clear bin, just burn the whole thing out of existence!

"There's a story behind every sign like this."

And this story left someone with very sticky hands. Sweet, but sticky.

"Hot new girl at work had a question."

At least she knows she'll always have help around! Or three men already wrapped around her finger, depending on how you look at it.

"The perfect t shirt doesn't exis-."

The accurate shirt is great, yes, but why is he still holding that thing?

The Battle Of The Century.

The arm-wrestling setup, the costumes, the camera rig filming it all. This must have been televised, a fight for the people.

"My brother and I were cleaning out the attic, [...]. I chose to take a photo before asking questions."

Like any good sibling, this is the proper response. Is he dead or injured? No? Time to record.

Pain Like Never Before.

What was the person who made this going through? Are they okay now? Do they regret their creation?

"Dad made the classic mistake of buying something on amazon without checking [its] size. We now have two 10 foot lamps."

These must have been listed for real cheap if he thought they were normal-sized lamps. In which case, he got a great deal!

A Forlorn Look.

I don't know about you, kid, but one long board would give you a real easy access ramp from your room to that roof. You'd be the neighborhood hero.

"This Sign in the Bathroom of a Movie Theater Creates a Few Questions."

And all of those questions can be answered by asking one employee who probably had to sweep up more popcorn-blowdry messes than they can count.

"My professor answered his own question on my essay review..."

Getting a professor to admit they were wrong is a pretty big feat, good job!

Got stung on the lip by a wasp getting the ole’ Christmas tree out. 2020 has been fun for sure."

That's what you get for trying to take out your Christmas tree too early! Halloween just passed, wait a few weeks!

"Found this in my grandfather's basement after he passed away...would have loved to hear this story!"

He either did something really bad, or he did something small and Disney is just being a hardass.

"I suspect that there might be a story behind his."

With how realistic their little room creations are, I wouldn't be surprised if many people have momentarily mistaken them for the real thing!

"My students are writing short stories. This is what I got from one of them."

Incredible. Clear, concise writing, satisfying conclusion, striking tone. Very well done.

"I took pictures for a family reunion and snapped this photo of a gentleman telling a story of something these girls couldn't have been any less interested in."

Oh, God, I feel like I am this person at most family parties when someone brings up politics and I've had one too many pints of Guinness, the thought of it is making my stomach curl.

Caught Red-Pawed.

I'd start sleeping with one eye open. And your bedroom door closed. And a guard dog.

"Behind every sign, there is a tale..."

"Right, so if we move on to item three in the agenda, and... Sorry, Steve can you put a towel on please and stop shampooing your hair?"

"Christ, you can't do anything in this office nowadays!"