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There's A Baby Yoda Crockpot For Sale, So Start Stocking Up On Soup Recipes

We didn't think it was possible for there to be even more adorable Baby Yoda stuff, but we were wrong.

This is not a drill people, there's a new Baby Yoda Crockpot for sale and we cannot stop gushing over these maximum cuteness levels.

Homemade soups are going to be pretty next level this fall.

This Crockpot's cuteness levels are heating up.

Home Depot

This Seven-Quart Slow Cooker Crockpot is perfect for serving up some delicious food while showing your undeniable love for The Child.

This is basically the perfect gift for everyone.

Home Depot

No one can deny that this would be a perfect gift for just about anyone, especially for all of our Star Wars and Mandalorian fan friends.

Hell, you could even use it to warm your hot choccy.

In true Baby Yoda homage, it's time for fans to be able to heat up their hot choccy while they watch the new season of The Mandalorian.

Forget everything else, it's all about Baby Yoda everything.

The Baby Yoda collection keeps getting bigger and bigger, as new and even more adorable items in his honor continue to come out. Whether it's one or a dozen, we feel a strong force telling us to buy this Crockpot immediately.

The Baby Yoda Crockpot is available at Home Depot for around $50. Prices may vary at other locations.

If you buy a Baby Yoda Crockpot, let us know what you plan to cook in it!

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