People Are Creating Magical Disney-Themed Holiday Trees

Well, now I know what my Christmas tree is going to look like.

People are decorating their trees Disney style, and it is AWESOME. From Disney parks-inspired trees to full movie theming, these trees are the epitome of happiness and Disney magic. Let's check it out and get some inspiration for our future trees!

This is a total classic.

Let's start things off with something that I consider to be a classic — a Mickey and Minnie winter wonderland. It features lots of white, lots of glitter, and your traditional Christmas colors. Adorable.

Let's get a little weirder now.

I say "weird" with love, because this tree is AMAZING. It's creative, it's one-of-a-kind, and it's absolutely stunning! It's also still a great tree to put presents under — there's nothing worse than a novelty tree that forgets that crucial detail.

This tree is stuffed with plushies!

This article couldn't be complete without a classic character moment. Hanging plushies and toys on a tree is an easy way to get a themed tree without buying insanely expensive ornaments!

Just go all out with the Disney ornaments.

You don't have to have a theme to have a magical Disney tree! This one is decorated beautifully with the cutest of Disney ornaments out there. I love the castle one!

A whole new world...

It's an Aladdin tree! Complete with the sweetest tree topper I've ever seen, this purple masterpiece is the perfect tribute to such a great movie. The themed wrapping is truly the bow on top of the whole look!

Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who's the fairest tree of them all?

It's this crazy tree, trust me. Not only does this tree feature an actual Snow White doll, it can turn around and become a Wicked Witch tree!

Under the sea, wish I could be, part of this tree...

No, really. This is one of the nicest Christmas trees I've ever seen. This artist should sell replicas of this tree. They'd make a killing, and my living room would love it.

Tiny trees can get in on the fun, too.

This miniature tree is themed after Princess and the Frog! I'm so happy to see this, because that movie gets totally slept on. It's such a delight! I'm loving the Tiana doll at the base of the tree.

I'm not gonna lie, this is my personal favorite.

I absolutely LOVE collecting Minnie-ear hats and bands, so of course a tree full of mini Minnies is going to delight me the most! Hannah Marie Magic on Instagram sells these little recreations for your tree. Catch me checking out ASAP.

This VHS tree features Disney classics.

Man, I haven't seen a VHS in years! This tree was built with Disney clamshells (that's what we used to call the case we kept VHS tapes in, kids) and features some beloved favorites toward the top.

This tree has all rose gold decor!

I love a good color story, and this tree totally fits the bill. There's rose gold garland, sparkly Mickey ornaments, and some snow for good measure. What a great tree!

How about one for the kids?

This Toy Story tree is actually full of toys! There's a handmade Slinky Dog, an actual Mr. Potato Head, some character-themed ornaments, and so much more! Loving those block letters, too.

This tree is Pixar approved.

How fun are all those Pixar plushies hanging on the tree! You can usually find little ones like this on sale on Disney's site. Keep your eye out and start building your own plushie ornament collection!

This tree is full of mugs!

Disney often sells ornament versions of their mugs, especially in the Disney parks. This tree is decorated in a whole array of them! This is the perfect tree for a Disney coffee lover.