10+ Times Celebrities Hilariously Trolled Their Fans

You have to have a thick skin if you're going to make it in Hollywood. That means knowing when to stand up for yourself, as well as knowing when to have a little fun with your fans.

Below are examples of 10+ times celebrities hilariously trolled their fans. Let this be a warning for anyone thinking of taking a shot at these Hollywood A-Listers, to tread lightly.

1. When Steve Carell made fans of *The Office* believe that a reboot was coming.

During his opening monologue on Saturday Night Live, Steve was asked if he would ever reboot The Office.

After politely declining, Steve was then confronted by several of his past castmates.

First came Ellie Kemper, then Ed Helms, and finally Jenna Fischer. The writing was on the wall.

Even Steve's wife and kids were in on the bit.

But at the exact moment where it looked as if he was ready to make the huge announcement, Steve threw it to commercial break.

2. Chris Pratt gives the people the selfie they've been begging for.

It goes without saying that Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence are two of the coolest, most-beloved celebrities out there. When they got together for their film Passengers, the internet was clamoring for a selfie.

So Chris obliged — with one horrible photo after another.

3. When Henry Cavill stood underneath a giant *Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice* billboard on Times Square.

It's not just that Henry stood underneath the billboard, it's the fact that not a single person on street recognized him!

Not a soul stopped to speak with him or even did a double-take.

4. Mark Hamill trolls *Star Wars* fans for a good cause.

Mark is best known for playing Luke Skywalker in the original Star Wars trilogy.

He arranged for random fans to come and act out some of the most famous scenes from the films, without knowing that their scene partner would be Luke Skywalker himself!

5. The time that Chris Hemsworth crashed a local news report.

What would you do if Thor just strolled into your workplace unannounced?

The only thing better than Chris reading the morning news is the looks on the anchors' faces as he does it.

6. When Rihanna knew how badly the world wanted her new album but didn't care.

A lot of artists nowadays will succumb to pressure. But not Ri Ri — she thrives off of it!

After facing a barrage of pleas to release her upcoming R9 album, Rihanna posted a video of a puppy in a cardboard box listening to House Of Pain's "Jump Around."

8. Ryan Reynolds launches Mint Mobile Plus!

Ryan trolled fans with the release of Mint Mobile +.

It was going to be a new streaming platform that only played one movie over and over again — Ryan's 2003 heist film Foolproof.

7. Cole Sprouse is keeping his options open.

In a recent post, Cole explained that he was intent on trying out a few new career paths — in case of a second market collapse.

Each picture in the collage is cheekier and more NSFW than the one previous!

11. The Rock writes on the back of the wrong fan's head.

Dwayne Johnson likes to make his fans laugh by pretending to sign his autograph on the back of their head.

As you can clearly see, this little guy didn't think it was funny in the slightest.

Ryan took the task to heart and delivered a stellar, professional, and engaging commercial.

Hugh, on the other hand — did not. He didn't think that Ryan was serious, so his commercial consists of Hugh calling Ryan a "complete and total [expletive]-ing [expletive] hole," and pouring Ryan's bottle of gin on the floor.

9. When Aaron Paul lied to the world about a *Breaking Bad* spin-off series.

This was long before El Camino ever came to be. Via a live Periscope stream, Paul told his legions of fans that Vince Gilligan had green-lit a new Breaking Bad project.

After a few minutes, Aaron begins to laugh before admitting that everything he'd just said was a lie.

10. Ben Affleck and Matt Damon get in an argument for charity.

In this mock behind-the-scenes promo video, Ben gets increasingly frustrated with Matt's lack of delivery and conviction.

It culminates with Matt mocking Ben for getting his job as Batman stolen by Robert Pattinson.

12. Jennifer Lawrence asks fans to name five Jennifer Lawrence movies.

To be fair, if Jennifer Lawrence was standing in front of me and asked me to do anything — I'd be a pool on the floor.

You gotta love the older gentleman with the white hair; he clearly has no idea who she is.

13. Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman put their swords away.

Ryan and Hugh have had a longstanding social media feud for years. But they decided to let bygones be bygones and create an ad for the other's respective company.

Hugh would create an ad for Ryan's Aviation Gin, and in return, Ryan would do the same for Hugh's Laughing Man Coffee.