Classic Vs. Remake Casts: The Heartthrob Showdown We Needed

I love when shows and movies get remade. I'm not too picky, really, just do the original SOME sort of justice and I'm on board. Because then when the newest version comes out, we get to play my fave game of comparing the OG classic cast to the newbies, and that usually means a heartthrob showdown.

"Sabrina: The Teenage Witch" OG Harvey Kinkle, from the original TV show.


Oh, Harvey. He might have been my OG TV crush... Either that, or I was wrapped up in the idea that maybe one day I would be a teenage witch, too. Sadly, that never happened, but Nate Richert and his dreamy '90s hair was the perfect crush for us.

And "Chilling Adventures of Sabrina" Harvey Kinkle, from the Netflix show.

The new Harvey is nothing short of adorable, and clearly younger than the OG. Ross Lynch is basically a puppy in human form, with all the loyalty (mostly, but we won't start on that) and dopeyness that makes Harvey Harvey.

Honestly, it's a toss up & I think that any witch would agree.

Instagram | @sabatmagazine

If you haven't watched Chilling Adventures of Sabrina and you loved the original, you must get to binging! And then after you watch all 10 episodes, tell me which Harvey you would pick. It's a hard choice!

Link Larkin from the 1988 movie "Hairspray"

Movie Nostalgia

Before the broadway hit and the 2007 movie, there was the '80s movie in all its glory. It's not exactly a musical, more of a movie with some music, but I'm still into it. And any person who plays Link becomes a heartthrob.

But come on, Zac Efron as LInk? Be still, my heart.

I watched this movie way too many times when it first came out. And this was the first movie Zac actually sang in, versus having a voice double in the High School Musical movies. He's the "Ladies' Choice," and mine, too.

"Teen Wolf," as in the movie from 1985.

Inside Pulse

Listen, I love a good werewolf as much as the next girl, but man they went hard on the fur in this one. A little too wolf and not enough teen, if you ask me, as someone who is not at all a pro on teenage werewolves.

And then there's the "Teen Wolf" TV show from MTV.

Teen Wolf Fandom

I love the new Teen Wolf series, and it certainly gets a lot darker than the OG movie. And sure, Scott (they're both named Scott, cool fact) doesn't get as hairy, but I would argue he gets scarier...and that's key when you're a werewolf, I think.

Kevin Bacon danced his way into my heart in 1984.


Okay, yes, I didn't see Footloose in 1984 because I wasn't alive yet, but this movie is a classic. I will never see an abandoned warehouse and not think of Kevin breaking it down.

Then in 2011, the movie made its way back to theatres as a remake.


Starring Kenny Wormald, who is no Kevin Bacon, but man can he dance! This version gets a little more risqué, but they basically wear the same thing to prom as the OG cast and that makes my heart happy.

Listen, I never said heartthrob only meant dreamy people.

Screen Geek

Maybe I meant heart palpitation, which can be a bad thing. In my books, each Pennywise is absolutely terrifying, BUT if I had to face off with one...I think I would go with 2017 IT, I think. Maybe.

Now I know this isn't even the OG "A Star Is Born," but there's been quite a few.

Le Cinema Dreams

And how could I not mention Barbara as Esther Hoffman in the 1976 drama?? After all, she is nothing short of a queen. Which is why it's extra hard to compare her to the latest artist to fill the role...

Because, I's Lady Gaga, a queen in her own right.

Movie Web

And she absolutely crushed it. I would even venture to say that A Star Is Born is my favourite movie of 2018. And yes, Bradley Cooper was perfection, too. But come on, it's Gaga.

Back in 1933, King Kong wasn't something I'd be too scared of.

King Kong Wikia

If anything, it looks like this big fella is loving life up there on the building, playing with planes and rocking that cuff like it's a new accessory.

But in 2017, the King of the Jungle became something that would actually terrify me.


Can you believe those teeth?! And trust me when I say that this giant gorilla is more fit than you'll ever be. He's like a giant mountain who likes bananas.

Honestly, I think everyone knows this line even if they've never seen the movie.

It's just that iconic, and Patrick Swayze made it so. As Johnny Castle, he was the bad boy with great moves that made Baby (and me) swoon.

And then the remake happened, and I'm sorry because I don't know who he is, but hello.

Instagram | @colt.prattes

Okay, so his name is Colt Prattes and he was basically made for the role seeing as he is a singer and a dancer by trade. So while I don't think anyone can replace Patrick in my heart, he certainly replaced him onstage.

Lara Croft has been through A LOT of changes over the years.


And this isn't even all of them! I had no idea that Tomb Raider started in 1996, so it's no wonder she changes so much. I'm just glad we've moved away from the triangular shapes...just another unrealistic standard for women.

And now Lara Croft is back on the big screen in 2018.


Alicia Vikander is bringing her to life, and while I have a hard time NOT picturing Angelina Jolie, Alicia looks like she's ready for action and I respect that.

Please tell me I'm not the only one who had a mild crush on a cartoon...

Oh, Archie Andrews. I would spend my allowance on his comic books all the time as a kid, and I thought of myself to be a total Betty.

And then "Riverdale" hit Netflix, assuring me that my love for Archie has been right all along.

Instagram | @writerras

Granted, the comic book Archie never looked like THIS. But Riverdale has had a lot of changes...the murders, the drugs, the scandals. It's a lot to take in!

Tim Curry made us all want to do the Time Warp in 1975.


And he was iconic in the cult classic Rocky Horror Picture Show. Never have I been both in love, scared, and confused by a character...which is exactly what Dr. Frank N. Furter intends.

And then Laverne Cox made us want to do it agaaiiiinnnn, in 2016.

YouTube | New Trailer Buzz

And man she brought down the house with her singing! There was never any doubt in my mind that she would look fierce in whatever the doctor wears. Plus, we get Tim back as the narrating criminologist here, so that's a bonus.

I know this is a lot to take in, but feast your eyes on the OG cast of the soap "Dynasty."

The Sun

I never watched the OG because it was a little bit before my time, but I am so into the drama, so when I heard it was being brought back I was ALL over it.

And here in 2018, they've def been mixing up the roles...which I love.

Soap Cities

In the original, for example, Sammy was female and nooow Sammy is male, gay, and Latino. They've completely mixed it all up while keeping the scandal and I'm all about that.

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