10+ Little Details On 'Friends' Fans Didn't Notice

If you're a big fan of Friends, you've probably seen every season multiple times and picked up on small moments and interactions you wouldn't notice as a casual viewer.

However, there are many little details on the show that even the most dedicated fans probably haven't seen. Here are 10+ of these hidden instances that you might have missed on Friends.

*Friends* is one of the most iconic shows of all time, and it forever will be.

Even years after it has ended, people are still watching it.

It is hilarious, has lovable characters, and is full of interesting little details that fans might not have even noticed to begin with.

Whether it's in the background of the shot, or because of a format change, there are a ton of little hidden details that can be easily missed.

Luckily, we compiled a great list to help you find all the details you probably missed on your first watch of Friends.

Let's get into it!

1. Their table at Central Perk usually had a reserved sign.

It seems weird that the group always ended up with a prime seating area around a crowded coffee shop in Manhattan.

The show tries to subtly explain this by including a "reserved" sign in many of the scenes. Although it does seem unlikely a coffeeshop would have this option in real life.

2. Joey and Chandler have two microwaves.

While Joey and Chandler live together in the apartment across from Monica, they actually have two microwaves.

Since these two characters, especially Joey, love to eat junk food, this would allow them to heat up multiple snacks whenever they wanted.

3. When Central Perk put a potato on display

Central Perk is probably the most iconic setting from the series, and there are often food items such as coffee and pastries in the background.

However, in one scene there was a potato in the background instead of a normal coffee shop treat.

4. They congratulated Courteney Cox's marriage in the opening credits.

During filming, Courteney Cox married David Arquette. So, to congratulate the actress on her wedding, they added the last name "Arquette" to every actor's name in the opening credits for episode one of season six.

It was an adorable but simple way to say congratulations.

5. A moving scene reveals Monica's towel categories.

Monica is known for being extremely clean and for her exceptional organization skills.

During a moving scene where the girls are moving out of the apartment, fans can see all the labels and categories Monica gives to her towels by looking at the boxes.

6. The show paid tribute post 9/11 in a subtle way.

As Friends was airing in the wake of 9/11, it had to decide how to handle the tragedy.

The show never directly addressed what happened, but they did pay tribute to the FDNY and NYPD in the background of many scenes.

7. The apartment numbers changed.

During season one of Friends, the two apartments were numbered 4 and 5.

However, in later seasons, the numbers were changed to 19 and 20. This is because lower-numbered apartments didn't make sense for an apartment on an upper floor.

8. Rachel's passport has a picture of another person.

During the season finale when Rachel is at the airport to go to Paris, she shows her passport, but the passport doesn't even have her photo!

The picture is of some random woman! So Rachel shouldn't have even been able to get on the plane.

9. Matthew Perry is missing part of his middle finger.

This small detail doesn't just appear in one moment. Instead, if you look closely throughout the series, you can see that Matthew Perry is missing the top of his middle finger on his right hand.

This is pretty ironic considering how in one episode they detail how Chandler got the tip of his toe cut off.

10. An extra appears to chew her coffee in one scene.

There are many hidden details that happen in Central Perk if you really pay attention to the background.

One of the strangest moments is an extra in one scene who instead of drinking her coffee appears to be chewing it after taking a sip.

11. Ross doesn't know how to spell Rachel's last name.

When Rachel gets an invitation from Ross to his wedding to Emily, he doesn't spell her last name right. Green has an extra "e" added on the end.

Also, this envelope shows the entire address for Monica and Rachel's apartment.

12. Ross wears a shirt that says "friends" in sign language.

During season eight, Ross is wearing a shirt in the opening scene of "The One with the Tea Leaves" that gives a nod to the name of the series.

The hands on the shirt are signing out the word "friend" in ASL. It's an endearing detail most people probably missed.

13. The burglar leaves a note for Joey and Chandler.

The message can be seen in the background on their Magna Doodle. This just proves how much detail went into the show.

The message reads, "Thanks for all your stuff!" At least he said thank you...

14. The Netflix widescreen format revealed background people.

When Friends was on Netflix, the show was converted to a 4:3 ratio which was different than how the show originally aired.

This means that crew members sometimes appear in the background and even stand-ins for the real actors! This includes a scene where Phoebe talks to a fake Monica.

15. Phoebe had a bottle of steak sauce.

One thing all fans of the series know is that Phoebe is a vegetarian. So, it's a little strange that a bottle of A1 Steak Sauce can be seen in the background of one scene on top of her refrigerator.

Of course, she could just use the sauce to flavor non-meat food products.

16. The condom balloons.

In "The One with the Worst Best Man Ever" where Joey is Ross' best man, and decides to throw him a party.

In the background of the decorated apartment, you can see that all the balloons being used are actually inflated condoms!

17. Phoebe's brother is seen in season two for the first time.

When Phoebe is asking for tips on the street corner, a young man comes up and asks if he dropped a condom in her guitar case!

That man is Phoebe's brother who we meet toward the end of the season!

18. The Gellers' wardrobe.

In "The One In Massapequa" at the 35th wedding anniversary of Ross and Monica's parents, you can see them standing next to their anniversary picture.

They are wearing the exact same clothes! I wonder if this was a mistake or a deliberate action...

19. The person in the closet.

In "The One With the Jam," pay close attention to the background.

You can see in Monica's "messy closet" there is actually someone walking around inside! I had no idea Friends was a horror show in disguise.

20. Monica's boxes.

During Joey's butt double scene in his movie, the scene changes often from him to the director.

In the background, you can see that there is a box behind the director with Monica's name on it.

21. The padding on the floor

If you blink, you'll definitely miss it.

In the scene where Monica falls down before the camera angle changes you can actually see the padding on the floor that marks where she is supposed to fall.

22. The hole in the wall.

I will be the first to admit, this is something I literally never noticed until it was pointed out to me.

But it's true. In the 10th season, there is a huge hole in the apartment wall.

23. Chandler's boxers.

Obviously they wouldn't make him walk around nude, but it you look closely and carefully, you can see Chandler's boxers peek from behind the door!

So not the worst walk of shame, in the end!

24. You can actually see what Joey wrote down for his script.

But you have to have eagle eyes to see it!

It says, "Tiffany, if you sit on my lap, I would be able to truly appreciate how good you smell." No wonder the women didn't want to read it!

25. Estelle was once a midwife.

When Carol gives birth to Ross' baby, the actress who plays her later reappears as Joey's agent, Estelle!

She ended up being a beloved minor character so this worked out for the best if you ask me.

26. Phoebe's outfit.

Warner Bros.

This is probably one of my favorites. She tends to wear some wacky clothes, but this one is actually matching Ross' couch!

I really hope this was done on purpose and it wasn't just by chance.

Which little details did you notice in *Friends*?

If you noticed any at all, that is! If you didn't, let us know which detail was your favorite in the comment section below!

We would certainly love to hear from you!