Unsplash | Edward Cisneros

10+ Moms Who Got The Job Done With Some Brilliant Thinking

This mom who used her breastmilk storage bags for other things.

Breastmilk storage bags are durable and strong for all moms. So, this mom found a great way to keep them in use, by storing snacks in them, too.

This mom who is pretty handy at the movie theater.

Sometimes sharing popcorn with your kids at the movie theaters can be hard because they only give you one big tube to use. But, you can use your kids extra diapers as a cup!

This mom who came up with a quick poncho.

Buying a poncho is pointless when you can keep your kid dry using garbage and plastic bags, am I right, moms? Quick thinking!

This mom who made a mess-free play area.

Baby sheets and crib sheets can make it possible to ensure your child's play area is "mess free." Plus, it also keeps them from crawling around and escaping.

This mom who needed a rolling pin for dough and found the perfect solution.

For moms who love a cold drink, keeping those bottles around may be handy when you need them the most. Use your vodka as a rolling pin! Genius improvising.

This mom who made sure her kids won't ruin the Christmas tree.

Kids love to pull on the ornaments and make the whole house a disaster with the decorations. Instead, this mom put a play pin around her tree so the kids can't reach.

This mom who figured out a way to keep her hand warm while drinking her iced coffee.

Extra diapers are pretty handy not only for your children, but also for moms. Use diapers as pates or even as a holder for your drinks.

This mom who made apple picking a whole lot easier.

Some of the apple orchards also charge you an arm and a leg for the bags. So, put your kid to work and let them walk while you use the stroller for all the apples.

This mom who needed to cool down the fries for her impatient kids.

Kids never want to wait for their food to cool down, never. Moms are always dealing with burnt mouths and tongues because of impatience. But, instead you can put them in the air vents of your car! Score.

This mom who solved the "lost doll shoes" problem.

Dolls losing their shoes are an issues moms always have. Instead of dealing with all of the little tiny shoes around the house, this mom super glued them all onto the doll's feet.

This mom who needed a diaper ASAP.

Using a plastic bag may not be your idea of "excellent" for diapers, but it definitely keeps things in when you need it to do the job.

This mom who used a sock to keep her wrapping paper together.

Wrapping paper can sometimes get expensive, so saving the leftovers from the holiday seasons and birthdays is key. This mom came up with a way to store it nicely and neatly. Baby socks!

This mom who used her kid's rollarskates to move furniture.

Instead of doing heavy lifting, this mom decided using her kid's toys will help move furniture from one area of the house to another without having to worry about heavy lifting.

This mom who found a good chip bag closer from stuff around the house.

Those chip clips are super convenient. But, sometimes we run out of them and have nothing left to use. So, this mom came up with a solution using hangers around the house.