10+ Useful Features That Were In Front Of Us This Whole Time

Aren't you always surprised by those little things you may have not heard of, but that can save you precious time? We're talking about those lifehacks that are so simple yet hidden in plain sight.

I've rounded up a few of those gems for you so you can start your week off right. You're welcome, boo. Now get to it.

1. This Cooking Pot Feature

Why do most cooking pots have a handle with a hole inside of it? It's so you can rest your wooden spoon in it. If that's not a handy cooking feature, I dunno what is, ha, ha!

2. This Foil Wrap Trick

Are you using those tabs at the end of the foil wrap box? Well, you should actually. They're there so you can keep the roll inside the box as you pull. So make sure you push them in.

3. This Kitchen Sheers Hack

Have you noticed that your kitchen sheers have these funky holes above the handles? Do you know what they're there for? It's so you can pull herbs through and get them off of their stubborn stems. Aha!

4. This Ziploc Bag Trick

How do you keep that Ziploc bag from folding onto itself? It's quite simple, really. Just fold the zipper sides back to let the bag hold itself open for you. Now you can snack away, ha, ha!

5. This Salt & Pepper Shaker Hack

Do you ever have a problem getting that pepper out of the shaker? Just use this hack. Rub the ridges of the salt shaker against the ridges of the pepper for easier flow. Try it!

6. This Ceiling Fan Trick

Do you use your ceiling fan in the winter? You definitely should. As it turns out, you can switch it to turn clockwise so all the heat that rises to the ceiling is pushed back down.

7. This iPhone Feature

Unsplash | Bagus Hernawan

I just got an iPhone so I'm still learning all its features. I had no idea you can rapidly press the power button to sound an alarm. And, if you don't press the cancel button within a few seconds, the feature automatically contacts emergency services. Wow!

8. This Vegetable Peeler Hack

What is that sharp edge on your vegetable peeler? Have you used it before? It's actually there so you can easily poke holes to take those eyes from potatoes. Isn't that so handy and useful?

9. This Medicine Cap Trick

Why does your medicine tube have a sharp point on its cap? It's simple, really — you use it to pierce the foil seal to release the medicine. So, no need to use your nail to try to pry it open.

10. This Keyboard Hack

Have you ever wondered why the letter "F" and "J" have a bump on your keyboard? It's for seasoned typists who type without looking at the keyboard so they know where they are on the keyboard. I knew that!

11. This Baby Onesie Hack

Why do baby onesie sleeves look like this? Have you ever wondered? Turns out those split sleeves serve a purpose. You can pull the onesie down easily when your baby has a blowout instead of going over their head. Genius!

12. This Stapler Feature

Have you noticed a sharp point on the end of your stapler? Do you know what it's for? You can actually use it to remove staples. I had no idea there were staplers that had this feature. Did you?

13. This Beer Bottle Design

Unsplash | Wil Stewart

Why does the beer bottle have such a long neck? It's not so you will have more beer to drink. They're actually made that way to keep your drinks cooler longer. Holding the beer by the neck will ensure your hand doesn't warm the bottle up. I never knew that!

14. This Paper Clip Fastener

Did you know that a simple paper clip can have a lot of uses? Case in point here: You can use it to fasten a bracelet without needing any help. Isn't that so cool and handy?

15. This Car Headrest Feature

Not only are car headrests adjustable to your height but they're also removable. Did you ever wonder why? It's because in case of emergency you can use the metal bars to break a window if you're ever trapped in your car.

16. This Pasta Spoon

You must've seen a pasta spoon at some point in your life — maybe you even own one. Have you ever wondered what the hole is for? It actually holds the recommended portion for one serving size of spaghetti. So, there you go — no more guessing!

17. This Binder Clip Hack

Why would you need to buy a special and fancy money clip when a binder clip can do the job just fine? I honestly don't know why I haven't thought of this before, ha, ha!

18. The Gas Gauge Arrow

If you bought a new car you may not know where your gas cap is located, but it's so easy to find out. The arrow on your gas gauge tells you what side of the car the cap is on. Genius!

19. The Hole In The Pen Cap

Have you ever wondered why your pen cap has a hole on the tip of it? Well, as it turns out, it's a safety feature. If someone swallows the pen cap, that hole could help them breathe.

20. This Chinese Takeout Container

Why don't Chinese takeout orders come with plates? Well, there's absolutely no need for them. Not when you can turn the actual takeout box into a dish like this by folding it out.

21. This Toilet Seat Cover

Did you know there is a right way and a wrong way to put on that toilet seat cover? The flap on the cover is actually meant to go toward the front of the bowl. Huh, I never knew that!

22. This Elevator Hole

Have you noticed that there's a hole in an elevator door? No, it's not for spying on people that are inside, lol. It's for a key so emergency workers can get inside in case they need to.

23. This Laptop Charger Feature

If you own a MacBook, you've probably found yourself puzzled by the charger's design at some point in your life. Those wings that fold out? Those are to help you wrap your charger cable for easier storage. Ohhhhhh!

24. This Ketchup "Sweet Spot"

Glass ketchup bottles have a reputation: They are famously slow and difficult when it comes to getting any ketchup out of them. Here's a helpful tip: Apparently, hitting the bottle on the raised "57" that's etched into the glass, will make the ketchup come out more quickly. Heinz even ran a whole campaign a few years ago telling people about this hidden secret.

Now that you've realized these ordinary objects have hidden features are you excited to use them? I sure am.

It's pretty awesome to find out that stuff you've always used now has an even better purpose. Am I right or what?