These Tinder Crash and Burns Are Tough, But Hilarious to Read

If you're floating around on Tinder and trying to make that connection, you might want to avoid making the same mistakes these people.

Or maybe you want to try it out for yourself and fail on your own. You never know who might enjoy something that another person hates.

Turtles Are Cool


The annoyance here is a real thing, but honestly...should've led with the turtles.

Iron Chef

Imgur / Ififsandbuttswerecandyandnutswedallhaveawonderfulchristmas

The conversation could've continued, but this person clearly just hates cereal. Or they stole someone's Trix and never got a chance to respond.

They are for kids...

Tinder Shopping

Imgur / Rabfinger

Sometimes the important things just come together when you make that connection on Tinder. Then again, sounds too good to be true...

Trip To The Vet

Imgur / Ififsandbuttswerecandyandnutswedallhaveawonderfulchristmas

Nothing like getting ethered thanks to you own pickup line. Just pack it up and walk away. Ya burnt. Zip zap zop. Total destruction.

I Shall Fight For You M'Lady!

Imgur / Ififsandbuttswerecandyandnutswedallhaveawonderfulchristmas

Safe to say the battle continues...


Imgur / Claireisawinner20

When people tell you how they like their eggs and they aren't on your menu, don't go trying to force it on them.

Denny's is right down the road.

"Fair Enough"

Imgur / EJequalsLast

I've never related to a Tinder interaction more. I'm interested in your thoughts will be plastered on many tombstones.

The Tall Goblin

Imgur / Dontsteptomaggiesmith

The tall person's curse is real and they should never be forced to run unless they are an athlete.

Friends With Issues?

Imgur / Ififsandbuttswerecandyandnutswedallhaveawonderfulchristmas

It's something to open with the Friends With Benefits talk, but an absolute chess move to respond with the father figure line.

George Michael would be excited.

We Only Want The Dog!

Imgur / Ififsandbuttswerecandyandnutswedallhaveawonderfulchristmas

Nine times out of ten, if someone likes you on Tinder or any other dating platform...they are only interested in the dog.