10+ Little Details In Disney Movies Fans Didn't Notice

It's safe to say that Disney has been an integral part of our cinematic experience. Over the decades, they've released countless hits that have redefined how we think about animation as a whole.

Along the way, they've left countless breadcrumbs and Easter Eggs in some of their most well-known films. See which ones you were able to spot when you check out these 10+ little details in Disney movies that fans didn't notice.

Rapunzel's stepmother in *Tangled* is seriously wicked.

Other than the blatantly obvious intent behind her actions, did you ever notice that whenever Mother Gothel says "I love you the most," she always touches and kisses Rapunzel's hair?

That's what she loves the most — her hair!

Mowgli thinks we need more cowbell in *The Jungle Book (2017)*.

At the risk of dating myself, roughly 20 years ago Christopher Walken took part in an SNL skit that is simply known as "More Cowbell."

Before Mowgli meets King Louie (voiced by Walken) for the first time, he picks up a broken cowbell.

*Mulan* has a hidden reference to *Aladdin*.

Mulan sits and sneakily paints the answers to her upcoming test on her arm. One of the qualities she lists for a good aspiring wife is to be punctual.

Who remembers when the Genie told Aladdin the very same thing?

The hi-score in *Wreck-It Ralph* is a clever nod to Walt Disney.

The hi-score displayed at the beginning of the film is 120501. This is a fun reference to Walt's birthday, which was December 5th, 1901!

I wonder if Walt would have been a gamer?

The Genie's song is factually accurate

When the Genie begins to sing "Friend Like Me," the lyrics are "Ali Baba had them forty thieves, Scheherezade had a thousand tales."

In actuality, Scheherezade had 1001 tales, but Aladdin happens to be one of them!

Gaston sees his own death in *Beauty And The Beast*.

Who could forget that pivotal moment when the Beast and Gaston are fighting to the death atop the enchanted castle?

If you stare deep into Gaston's pupils before he plummets, you'll see two small skulls appear.

There's a reason we only see five planets shown at the beginning of *Hercules*.

At the very beginning of the film, the fates sing the prelude. One of the events they call attention to is the aligning of the planets, but only five are shown.

That's because the Greeks only knew about five planets in the solar system.

Mrs. Potts and Chip make a cameo appearance in *Tarzan*.

Doesn't that teapot that Terk is banging away on look familiar?

Could it be that Belle is actually the distant relative of Jane, therefore connecting the universes of both Tarzan and Beauty and the Beast?!

Something evil is lurking in the shadows in *The Princess And The Frog*.

Pay close attention to the wallpaper just behind Dr. Facilier — do you notice anything odd?

If you stare at the silhouette he paints on the wall, you'll see that the wallpaper morphs into a skull and crossbones.

Scar is the Nemean Lion in *Hercules*.

Slaying the Nemean Lion and retrieving his golden fleece was one of the Twelve Labors of Hercules in Greek mythology.

When Herc dons the lion's pelt in the movie, it's both a historical allusion and a clever wink at The Lion King.

Albatross really do need a runway to take off, just like in *The Rescuers*.

I've said it before and I'll say it again — The Rescuers doesn't get close to the amount of respect it deserves.

The gag about Orville needing space to take off is 100% accurate. Albatross are so big that they need a running start.

Mickey loves Powerline, too in *A Goofy Movie*.

Powerline pumps out nothing but bangers. If you're looking for a good jam, throw on the soundtrack to A Goofy Movie and you'll be pleasantly surprised.

If you scan the crowd during the final performance, you'll see Mickey rocking away.

Why are Scar's claws always out in *The Lion King*?

All of the other lions in the pride are depicted with their claws retracted. They only take them out when they're needed, if at all.

Scar, on the other hand, always has his long dark claws ready to pounce. Could this be a subtle suggestion of his malice?

Pongo makes a cameo appearance in *Oliver and Company*.

It happens during Dodger's big musical number. Also, I have no idea who or what convinced Billy Joel to be in this movie but kudos!

Toward the end of "Why Should I Worry?" you can see Pongo breaking off his leash.

Dumbo pops up in the creepiest way in *The Great Mouse Detective*.

This movie was always a favorite of mine growing up.

If you pay attention as Basil and the gang explore the abandoned toy shop, you'll see a figurine of Dumbo blowing bubbles.