15+ Things That People Just Had To Do Themselves

Human beings are an ingenious bunch. We've filled our world with all sorts of stuff to make life easier and more convenient.

We've also filled our world with stuff that, well, just kind of makes you scratch your head.

Lots of history here.

Reddit | AffableJoker

These plaques were mounted on benches by some weirdo and promptly removed by the city. Still, I appreciate the fake history that they allude to.

A solid cup holder.

Practically every vehicle has cup holders these days. But if you need to make one in a pinch, all you need is a cinder block, along with the strength required to lift it.

The scariest thing I've seen.

Reddit | melllis

This is a low-effort but very scary pumpkin. There are some phone calls that just chill me to the bone and anything to do with my car fits that description.

If it works, it works.

Reddit | boxedsneakers23

Washers cost about, oh, half a cent apiece. But if you want washers that cost a whole cent and are much harder to work with, you can just drill through some pennies.

Current mood.

Reddit | caityfaced88

"Asked my sister if my nephew was enjoying the wedding," wrote the person who submitted this pic. "This is the picture she sent back."

I'm not a fan.

Reddit | hardcorine

I guess if you're really into fishing and want your ceiling fan to reflect that fact, this is right up your alley.

Game face.

Reddit | MadJoeMak

VR glasses can be a wondrous, confusing, mindblowing, terrifying experience. These googly eyes really help sell the experience of operating in a virtual world.

That'll hold.

Reddit | ImortalK

TV wall mounts cost money. These college students figured they could do the same thing with zip ties and a prayer. I'll bet this TV fell down long ago.

It isn't stupid if it works.

Reddit | TeesterHOU

Trimming a pet's nails is pretty much always a nightmare. This seems to be a pretty good way to do it, assuming your doggo is small enough.

Grill season.

Reddit | SethHMG

This barbecue is mounted in a window unit, proving once and for all that there's no shortage of ways that people will find to set fire to their homes.

Impromptu whiteboard.

Reddit | codingduck

This is actually a really clever little hack: just take some glass (in this case, a glass door) and paint one side of it white. Boom. The other side is now a whiteboard.

The year 2020 in a nutshell.

Reddit | coronaboi78

Why make up fake names for your Halloween tombstones when you can just put your hopes and dreams up there instead? Maybe 2021 will be better.

A pocket's a pocket.

Reddit | dannanista

More devices could use pockets, in my opinion. In this case, a denim pocket serves nicely as a cord caddy on the back of this amp.

There in spirit.

Reddit | tommysticks87

These guys made their buddy feel included, even though he couldn't be there in person. One question: it's a cardboard standup, so why wouldn't they...stand it up?

No more flats.

Reddit | timpeduiker

This is an excellent option if you don't want to deal with flat tires or if you just want to make your wheelbarrow look like something out of The Flintstones.

They're not wrong.

If you arrive at the number one place in the entire United States for naval observation, you kind of owe it to yourself to take a gander.

No more charging cords.

Reddit | ManPlan78

PS4 controllers don't have the best battery life, so here's one way to deal with it. It's a bit clunky and looks terrible but hey — extra battery life.

Spinning the tiles.

Reddit | Teelk3007

I'll bet a lot of people look at this building and get freaked out because it doesn't look like a safe situation for those people. Then they realize it's all an illusion.

At-home counseling.

Well, some of them are. I don't think chihuahuas would make good therapists, too bitey.

"I got a vasectomy today."

Not sure this is a direct equivalent. Shouldn't they be around your hands? Or do you have some weird talents?

Jump up jump up and get down!

What happens if I do a big jump? Will I miss my floor?

Ikea drip.

These two were spotted in an Ikea with these fresh Ikea outfits made from their blue bags. Not only is this real commitment to a brand, but the outfits are actually good too!

Ice cold air.

I guess canned air from any year would be worth more than canned air from 2020.

Rollin' down the river.

This has to be the least comfortable looking boat I've ever seen, but as long as he's having fun.

Looking for love.

He's advertising all the important information, his four kids and his desperation.

Life's greatest pains.

Why is this kid crying, you ask? Because he was told he's not allowed to taste dishwasher detergent.

This might look bad, but he'd be crying way worse if he was allowed to eat it.

Mobile home.

Honestly, I can see this actually being cheaper than a trailer, but your wind resistance would take a sharp spike.

"Took my biker friend out for a hike."

Looks like he's both your biker- and model-friend.

Season's greetings.

If you have to do some manual labor, you might as well add some holiday cheer!

Load bearing.

Four cans of spaghetti is a pretty steep price for keeping your range cover held up.

Luxury features.

These would probably be easier to replace when they burn out than actual headlights.

Allen key saves the day.

If I lost the knob on my deodorant, it'd be going right in the trash. Partially because I wouldn't have thought of it, partially because I don't own an Allen key.

This pizza.

Reddit | grimache83

This pizza has stickers to tell you if it was tampered with. The possibility of pizza tampering hadn't occurred to me before and now I'm freaked out.

Tired of it.

This is a great deal, leaves can run you a fortune these days!

If I fits...

This was put up as a guerilla art project, but it took the city a few days to notice and take it away.

After reconsidering, though, it was returned to the park as an example of art that you can (technically) sit on.

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