A Woman Got A 'Halloweenie' Manicure That's Truly Terrifying

'Tis the season for getting your nails and accessories done to honor the spooky season, am I right? It seems as though everyone is gearing up for some spook-tastic designs this October. With Halloween being a "difficult topic" for many of us, as we can't all gather together for big costume parties and fun, we're trying to get in the spirit the best ways we know how.

Some of us are decorating out homes.

Unsplash | Clay LeConey

Many people feel that getting into the spooky spirit means that we decorate our homes with tons of spiderwebs and pumpkins, despite having way less trick-or-treaters this year than usual.

Others have decided to decorate themselves with spooky-themed things.

Unsplash | Dan-Cristian Pădureț

One of the ways to get into that "spooky spirit" is by getting a spooktacular manicure with all the works. Why not get a Halloween-themed mani to make yourself feel a little more excited for it?

One manicure has made waves online for being extra on-brand this Halloween season.

Shared by Instagram account @heynicenails, the Halloween-themed nails are making major waves online. First, because they're absolutely killer. But, secondly, there's a major surprise in these bad boys.

They're not just Halloween nails, they're Halloweenie nails.

That's right. The nails are not only Halloween-themed but also stacked up with... weenies on every nail. Weenies of all different colors, sizes, and shapes, to be exact.

People online could not get enough of this.

The nail salon even shared a step-by-step video of how the nails were painted and done. People online thought they were absolutely hilarious! The post has well over 5,000 likes.

It's also not the first time they've done some... festive designs.

Instagram l @heynicenails

The salon shared that originally they began doing "penis art" on people's nails as a way to raise awareness for LGBTQ+ Pride in 2017.

One client, Heather, ended up loving the idea.

Instagram l @heynicenails

She continued to get "penis themed" manicures for every occasion that she wanted a manicure for. And, each time, it came out better than the last.

The nail salon also does Halloween-themed manicures that don't have that secret little surprise.

If you want to see some fly manicures for Halloween, this salon also posted some killer looks that are totally on spooky theme for this season.

Some of them are absolutely flawless.

Who can beat this insanely detailed manicure with cats, bats, stars, and spider webs? This is right up my ally, I need to make a nail appointment here ASAP!