10+ Facts About Kevin Hart Fans Didn't Know

Kevin Hart is a man who dreams big. In the last decade, Kevin has risen from the relative fringes of obscurity to the absolute forefront of the Hollywood A-list.

He's a comedian, an actor, an advocate, and an athlete.

In order to gain a better appreciation for the man who has given us, his fans, so very much, I've compiled these 10+ facts about Kevin Hart that even diehard fans didn't know.

You more than likely haven't seen his film debut.

Kevin first broke onto the scene in a film called Paper Soldiers. It was a low-budget comedy about a bumbling thief and his group of friends.

The film also stars Beanie Sigel, Jay-Z, and Damon Dash.

He's the founder of the LOL Network.

Recently, Kevin was granted his own channel on Sirius XM satellite radio. You can listen to Kevin and his wide array of guests on channel 96.

If you've been waiting for an excuse to dive into the pool of satellite radio, there's never been a funnier time.

Kevin has a very sensational fear of animals.

I've seen pretty much every single stand-up routine that Kevin has ever put his name to. But few, if anything, compares to the hilarity of watching Kevin absolutely freak out over Robert Irwin's animals.

He has a long-time rivalry with Stephen A. Smith.

Stephen A. Smith is one of the most respected sports commentators around. But do you know who can't stand him? Kevin Hart.

Kevin hates him so much, that he makes regular appearances on Stephen's show First Take, just to argue and refute his opinions — especially on the Cowboys and the Eagles.

Kevin recently released a new series on Quibi.

I seriously can't say enough good things about Quibi. If you're someone who likes to watch TV on the go, this is the platform for you!

Die Hart is a comedy-action series, done in the vein of Austin Powers.

Kevin is a long-time competitor in the NBA Celebrity All-Star Game.

Don't let his small size fool you, Kevin can ball with the best of them. He's won team MVP several times over and has even tried his hand at coaching.

He's the founder of Hartbeat Productions.

Hart Beat Productions is an entertainment company that focuses on producing movies, music, and TV by Black creators.

Kevin has said he wants to focus on ideas that are relevant and important to Black culture.

Kevin Hart is one of the most hilarious commentators in sports.

Whenever Kevin Hart shows up at a Philadelphia 76ers game — watch out. Especially if your name happens to be Charles Barkley.

Poor old Chuck is one of Kevin's favorite targets.

He has his own audio book!

That's right! Kevin's latest book is called "The Decision: Overcoming Today's BS for Tomorrow's Success." Over the course of the book's five hours, Kevin touches on everything ranging from parenting tips to personal development.

He's a diehard Philadelphia sports fan.

Do you remember when the Eagles beat the Patriots in the Super Bowl? Kevin Hart doesn't, even though he was there. Kevin even tried to rush the field to celebrate the victory with the team!

Sadly, he was so inebriated that he doesn't remember a thing.

Kevin was the host of an incredibly unique sports show.

Cold as Balls was a locker room talk show with a chilling twist. In each episode, Kevin met with different athletes to ask them a variety of questions — all while submerged in an ice bath.

J. Cole wrote a song about him.

A few years back, news broke that Kevin Hart was having an affair. He made several very public apologies to his wife and family.

The song "Kevin's Heart" by J. Cole was not only inspired by the event, but the music video also stars Kevin as well!

Kevin was nearly killed in a serious car crash.

If you look at the pictures from the crash scene, they paint a very harrowing tale to be certain.

The roof was completely crushed and Kevin, as well as his two passengers, had to be extracted by medical professionals.

Kevin has become an advocate for mental health.

Kevin is a self-confessed workaholic.

Before the accident, Kevin had a hard time leaving work at the office. He says that now, he sees life in an entirely different light.

In his own words, you can't be married to your career and date your family.