10+ Facts About Chris Rock Fans Didn't Know

Chris Rock is one of the most significant and culturally impactful comedians of all time. For the better part of 30 years, Chris has made us laugh, cry, but most importantly — he's made us think.

After years spent away from the spotlight, Chris is back in a big way. Get to know him better and check out these 10+ facts about Chris Rock that fans didn't know.

Chris' big break came after joining the cast of *Saturday Night Live*.

Chris rose to prominence in the early '90s. He was a contemporary of the late Chris Farley, David Spade, and of course — Adam Sandler.

During his five year stint, Chris became known for his hilarious impressions and edgy comedic style.

Growing up, Chris was bullied constantly.

Chris was one of the few black students enrolled in his school.

He had to be bussed in and was usually beaten or racially bombarded as soon as his feet hit the schoolyard.

His first film appearance was alongside another incredibly famous comedian.

Chris earned himself a walk-on part in Eddie Murphy's Beverly Hills Cop II after Eddie saw him performing stand-up in a club.

To this day, Chris maintains that Eddie is his idol .

Chris is helping reboot the *Saw* franchise — or is he?

Without a doubt, one of the most disappointing movie delays due to COVID was Spiral.

Little is known about the film, and debate has fueled as to whether or not this is a sequel or another reboot. Only time will tell!

He once had his own late night TV show.

The Chris Rock Show aired on Friday nights on HBO. It ran for four hilarious seasons and it was here that Chris unleashed some of his most iconic skits of all time.

Chris and his daughter have matching tattoos.

From the time she was able to talk, Chris' daughter wanted a tattoo; something that Chris forbade. Recently, Lola departed for Paris. Before she left, she made a stop at the local tattoo parlor.

Chris tagged along and the father/daughter duo got tatted-up together.

He's been getting into serious shape.

Recently, Chris has rededicated himself to his personal health and fitness. While making an appearance on Howard Stern, the legendary radio personality posted a few pics of Chris shirtless.

I have to admit, his abs are impressive.

Chris is also a director.

Fans will likely remember Chris' directorial debut, Head Of State.

It's the unlikely story of Mays Gilliam: a politician who's thrust into a presidential campaign after a party candidate dies unexpectedly.

Chris also starred in the film.

He watched the Presidential debate with a fellow comedy icon.


Chris was joined by legendary comedian Jim Carrey to watch the debate between President Trump and Joe Biden. Currently, Carrey is portraying Biden on SNL.

Can you imagine the commentaries these two must have been throwing out?!

Chris was one of the greatest Oscar hosts to ever hold a microphone.

Chris didn't mince words when the time came for him to host the Academy Awards for the second time. He bluntly called out racial inequality in Hollywood, even referring to the Oscars as the "White People's Choice Awards."

He's an Emmy Award winner.

Over the course of Chris' incredible career, he's been nominated 11 times with 4 wins to his name. The most notable came in 1997 for Chris' breakthrough comedy special, Bring The Pain.

To this day it remains as one of the most influential stand-up specials of the '90s.

Chris wishes his stand-up wasn't as relevant as it is.

Chris has been raising issues of racial inequality through his comedy for more than 30 years. It's sad to think that jokes and comments about police brutality against Black America are as relevant today as they were back then.

He created a TV series based on his life.

Everybody Hates Chris highlighted the lesser-known chapters of Chris' early adolescent life. Not only was Chris the creator and inspiration behind the series, but he even tried his hand at directing.

Chris has a new project in the works.

About a year ago, Chris started working on a passion project called My One Black Friend. It's a compilation of different people's shared experiences with the Black friends/family members/professionals that intersect their lives.

He recently started seeing a therapist.

Chris shared that he was recently diagnosed with a non-verbal learning disorder. It stems from his inability to read social cues and situations.

Chris sought help after a friend suggested that he may have Aspberger's syndrome.