15+ Pics That Gave Us Some Unexpected Perspectives

Although some are more resistant to seeing things through a new perspective than others, there's nothing quite like the feeling of recognizing a shift in how you see the world.

But while it can humbling to move on from something you once believed, it's an even more jarring experience to come face-to-face with a perspective you had never even thought about before.

Whether that sudden revelation comes from a rare natural event or someone's bizarrely inspired actions, they definitely leave us at square one when it comes to how we even process what we're seeing.

It's not so unusual to see how lightning affects a tree or a person's skin but we don't see it quite as much with rocks.

Reddit | gweebah

Although it's possible for sand to crystallize into fulgurite when it's struck by lightning, it seems that the winding pattern lightning leaves on a rock ends up making look like some massive dinosaur egg.

I never would have guessed this but there was apparently a time when Donald Duck's feathers were yellow.

However, if you received this record as a kid back in the '70s and swear Donald was white on the cover, it turns you're actually right as well.

What happened was that the U.S. release of this album had Donald and Mickey looking like they normally do, while the British release looked like this instead.

It's sort of like how Where's Waldo is known as Where's Wally over there.

Sunlight can make a rainbow pattern on your wall if if passes through your window at the right angle, but you can also play with that effect even further.

As we can see here, having that light refract through a test tube actually leaves an impression of that tube on the wall, which also makes the colors in the center pop a little more.

It may be everywhere nowadays but it wasn't so long ago that consumer plastics were a pretty exciting and new concept.

It's also interesting to realize that the long-lasting and non-degrading qualities of plastic that cause so many problems for us now would understandably seem like a pretty major selling point back then.

It's kind of unfortunate that the pretty pattern on this wall can't be here all the time.

However, that's just what happens when a dazzling sight like this appears by accident.

Although there's really nothing stopping this person from flashing their indicators at the wall again, it'll only look like this at the right time of day.

This bridge is made almost entirely of spaghetti and it earned the uploader second place in a building competition.

Apparently, it received that distinction after it was able to hold a little over 39 pounds with just one pound of pasta.

For reference, the winner's bridge was able to support 56 pounds.

Apparently, this board indicates the highest point of each state in the Union.

And as far as why some of these panels are on the map while some are on the table, it has to do with the fact that the uploader's wife wants to visit all of them.

With each peak visited, another piece goes inside the board she made.

Although the size of this tapeworm is eye-catching on its own, it's even more incredible when you learn how it came into this vet's possession.

Despite how long it is, it was somehow able to fit in a three-and-a-half-month-old kitten's body. I can only imagine how it felt when this thing was finally pulled out of its mouth.

It's impressive enough that this woman made this dress herself but it still may be surprising to hear how much material went into it.

It's hard to tell from just one picture but she apparently recycled 36 different pieces of clothing to make this.

If you're worried about this happening to your TV, it might help to know that you'd have to try to get it to look like this.

As you've likely noticed, this OLED TV was tuned in to CNN long enough to have the logo burned into the screen.

But as for how long is "long enough," the answer is apparently all day for two years straight.

It's wild to think about, but this completely doable restriction would have seemed completely absurd not even 10 years ago.

This works because most of us are pretty familiar with services like Zoom by now and whoever uses this room would likely have to reach people in wildly different locations anyway.

But the time when this would have completely defeated the purpose of the room seems like yesterday.

Mammatus clouds are a fascinating sight no matter where they appear but they seem downright ominous here.

As we can see, that has a lot to do with the design of the Tolstoy House in St. Petersburg, Russia as the walls around this square make it look like the sky is completely filled with the oddly-shaped clouds.

Where there's a will, there's a way.

Considering how much weight barges like this are supposed to carry, it probably shouldn't seem so weird that someone would use one to ferry their RV.

Still, it's just one of scenes that we don't realize we've never seen before until we're looking right at it.

This gargoyle was put here at least a couple of centuries ago because its makers thought it would ward off evil spirits but it clearly has a different purpose now.

That said, I think I'd make a point to avoid this one in particular if I were an evil spirit.

Not only does it look even weirder than before but who knows what I'd be sprayed with if I got too close?

This almost seems like an expressive, experimental painting but it's really just a kid making a copy of his face with his parents' printer.

Funnily enough, my mom used to work for a college professor who did the same thing and posted the results on his door.

Yeah, he had a reputation as the weird one in his department.

You'd think more people would react this way when a tree grows around something but I haven't seen it done much until now.

I suppose that when a tree absorbs a fence or a sign, it doesn't look as much like it's trying to eat them as this one does.

This tide pool would likely seem bigger than it is if it didn't have all these anemones gathered in it.

The uploader described this pool as "about the size of a scoop of water in my hand" so it's pretty incredible that so many of them were able to huddle in it.

Just because the lights on an RGB keyboard look white to our eyes, that doesn't mean they look that way to everything.

And that became abundantly clear when the uploader accidentally took a picture of their keyboard and was treated to this colorful yet disorienting mess.

When this person bought a loaf of white bread, they soon discovered that more of it was whole wheat than they expected.

Since I've never seen anyone advertise something like this, I can only assume it happened by accident. Even then, I can't help but wonder how it happened at all.

So far, the most likely explanation seems to be that the baker needed more dough than they thought and didn't realize what kind of dough they added until it was too late.

While there are many things in this world that look like other things, there's no way that such a perfectly-formed nose just coincidentally appeared when this wall was damaged.

And it doesn't strike one commenter as a coincidence either since they shared that it was once common practice to build houses from the ruins of old structures.

Based on what we're seeing here, that apparently included old statues.