17+ People Who Pulled Pranks Just To Watch Us Squirm

Pranks are an integral part of some people's lives. There is nothing quite like seeing that initial look of shock on someone's face when one pays off!

So, from inexplicably sentient household appliances to crafting terrifying versions of beloved fictional characters, here are 17+ people who pulled pranks just to watch us squirm.

"My dad got a new printer, turns out it has an email address that you can send stuff for it to print out, decided to scare him a little."

Even if a printer did become self-aware, there would be no way that I would be scared of it. They can't function when they are being given very specific instructions, let alone operate when they have free will.

"Thought I might give a little scare to all the Johns in my town..."

I wonder how many people drove past this and said to themselves, "Hi, Pregnant John, I'm Expectant Dave!" or something of the like. I shudder to think.

"Just frightened the living hell out of my girlfriend."

This is what I imagine postal workers who are evil are confronted with when they die and go to hell.

"How to scare your roommate 101."

I would have broken my hand punching the wall behind that picture if someone had done this to me.

"My husband always leaves me notes when he has to leave town for work..."

Sometimes the most childish and straightforward pranks are the best ones! Few things are worse than being called a "fart toucher" when you least expect it.

"My boyfriend and I prank each other all the time and he HATES finding my hair in the shower."

So, if you often find yourself struggling for Valentine's Day ideas, then do yourself a favor and start bottling up your partner's bathroom hair now for a grand gesture!

"My girlfriend told me she likes six pack abs. I just got sexier in 5 minutes."

Wow, this guy hasn't just gotten himself a six-pack, he's gone and gotten himself the elusive eight-pack! Don't mess with this guy!

"Drew this for my bf this morning and forgot about it. Scared the poop out of myself."

If there is one place that you want to be when you relieve yourself out of sheer terror, then that is the place to be at least.

"My girlfriend thinks highly of me."

As someone who suffers terribly with sensitive teeth, I can both confirm that this stuff is great and that I am indeed a "little bitch" about my teeth.

"Asked my wife to look for a Chucky mask so I could scare the kids. She's too innocent."

Look, I know what they really wanted, but given the right conditions, this mask could be just as scary! It's already quite unsettling as it is.

"My wife asked me if I wanted half her Twix. She thinks this is a game."

Look, maybe this is an unpopular opinion but I think that the biscuit bit on the bottom is the best part of a Twix anyway. Although, I don't like it to appear like my food has been nibbled at by rats.

"My husband bet me I couldn't shave his foot without him waking up. This is what he woke up to this morning."

Well, all that your husband has done here is find a way for you to make his feet look fabulous while he naps. Genius!

"When your friend's dad dresses up as Dobby and tries to scare the living daylights out of you."

I always found Dobby quite unsettling in the films as it is, so I don't know how I'd handle a real-life Dobby that looks like the living embodiment of a bad trip.

The World's Most Unsettling Mascot!

The person who posted this wrote, "In my home town there's a pet shop who [had] this sculpture at the entrance. It's 20 years old and [last] year the administration thought it was too ugly and asked to have it removed. The town fought back and the ugly dog is now back."

"Bought an RV just so I could do this."

I'm assuming that everyone knows what this is referencing? Everyone has seen this film... Surely?

"Girlfriend scared the crap out of me with this joke this afternoon."

This one could really backfire if the girlfriend was watching to see how their partner would react. What if they saw this in their sideview mirror and then decided to drive off even faster?

"Hold me, I'm scared!"

Sure, this may seem funny to a lot of people, but that little Jack Russell is actually one of the most fearsome dogs on the planet! Look at the way it struts, such confidence.

"Preparation for my last day of work prank."

I already find that I am rubbing my hands together for hours to get antibacterial sanitizer to wear off anyway, so I can't imagine how long I'd be rubbing this damn stuff for!

"Jokingly sent my mom a cutout of myself while I'm studying abroad. She seems to be entertaining herself with it."

My (potentially worrisome) questions here is are you throwing the balls toward her, or is she hitting them at you?

"Is this a dad joke?"

It sure is a joke of some sort. A joke a real-life mouse is very grateful for.

"[How] to literally scare the crap out of someone."

And how to make sure they're checking under the toilet seat every time they go to the bathroom for the rest of their life.

"My friend lost his leg in a motorcycle accident a few years ago. This was his April fools joke to the kids playing in the park."

Was he there for a long time? Did he crawl out of the water? Did he thoroughly traumatize those kids?

"Left this 3d printed glow in the dark masterpiece on my wife's pillow. Also, on a related note, sleeping on the couch tonight."

Did you really have to make it so detailed? A dollar store figure would have worked just as well but you chose to go the extra terrifying mile.

"A salad I can support!!"

Oh no, what a cruel joke. I wanted a salad so bad but I guess I'll have to eat this ice cream instead.

"Ruin Halloween with chocolate covered Brussels Sprouts [...]."

Do this once and it'll ensure kids never come to your house for Halloween ever again. A quiet night.

"My extremely colorblind husband is trying to solve a colorblind test [...] that says '[F***] The Color Blind.'"

This feels like schoolyard bullying, but funnier because it's literally staring him in the face.

"[Was] scared I was going to get pulled over when I noticed."

If that's a real Decepticon, I think that's even more worrisome than a cop. But you seem real casual about it.

"My neighbor’s Halloween decorations."

Would I know it's fake? Yes. Would I start taking a new route around the neighborhood to avoid their gaze? Also yes.

"Target's got jokes."

There's something about them managing to market a lack of a product that's somehow funny and astounding to me.

"Prank war between me and my girlfriend. She’s going to kill me when she grabs her lunch in the morning."

I can't help but wonder what she did to you before to deserve such a scare. Also you two must eat a lot of eggs.

"My local oil changing shop is so basic."

If it makes my car smell like a Starbucks when it's running, I'm on board.

"This f***er scared me every time I went to put the bins out for a solid week."

I was going to suggest just folding him up some more, but I can see why creasing Dwayne Johnson would feel weird and bad.

"My wife bought me monogram pyjamas for Xmas."

I didn't realize that the word "fart" was so integrally involved with pranking a partner! Clearly, I haven't been doing either pranks or relationships right all of these years!

"Dad jokes on the news."

That news writer had a field day with this one, and all the producers begrudgingly let it through.

"Prank on my boyfriend. It really helps that he's such a heavy sleeper. Have a good day at the office, hun!"

Nothing says, "I'm serious about climbing the nefarious ladder of business!" quite like a dainty butterfly tattoo on the back of your neck!