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These 'Golden Girls' Face Masks Allow You To Tell It Like It Is

It looks like pandemic style just went up a few notches with these adorably quirky Golden Girls face masks that are so nostalgic they have us ready to binge watch our favorite episodes all over again.

When we do have to go out and about, it's a relief to inform all who cross our paths that we'll go hard for the Golden Girls no matter what the occasion.

Betty White is still with us, let's keep it that way.

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Through the years, both young and old celebrities have come and gone. Yet, at 98 years young, Betty White is still delivering style and fun.

So do her a favor, and for the love of all that is golden, wear a mask.

Grab your masks ladies, because you've got to protect your friends.

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The show is beloved for so many reasons, not the least of which is for depicting seniors as being relevant, sexy, and fun. But perhaps the most notable thing was that they never lacked sass.

With one of these masks, you'll definitely be sending the same message.

Keep your distance, stay home, and watch the 'Golden Girls.'

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The inner layers of these masks are 100-percent cotton, while the outer layers are 100-percent polyester. They even feature a pocket for a carbon filter.

They're breathable and machine washable — what more could you ask for? Other than maybe another story about Sicily.

The only thing left to do now is to get one for all your friends.

You know, the Golden Girls were a fabulous foursome, so be sure to order these masks for you and your besties. The only question is: who's the Rose of the bunch?

These masks are available on Shopabbi for around $10 each.

Planning on getting these masks for your friends? Snap a pic and share it in the comments.