'Halloweentown' Is Celebrating Its 22nd Anniversary

There's nothing like Halloween movies. Scary movies have their place, but I prefer the ones that are more explicitly about Halloween, like Hocus Pocus or Halloweentown.

The latter is celebrating a pretty huge milestone this year, and we're going to hop in the bus, get a ride into town, and start celebrating in style!

*Halloweentown* is a Halloween classic.

The movie follows a young girl who finds out that she and her grandmother are both witches as they try to protect Halloweentown from some evil forces.

It's funny, it's cute, and it's a perfect movie to watch this time of year.

*Halloweentown* premiered on October 17th, 1998.

That means that this year, the movie is celebrating it's 22nd anniversary, in case you really needed an excuse to feel old.

No matter how long ago it came out, the movie is just as entertaining now as it was the day it came out.

Fans are celebrating the occasion on social media.

The whole franchise is available on Disney+, so a lot of fans are preparing to celebrate both the movie and the time of year by doing a marathon, which I think is probably the best way to honor the film!

Are you a *Halloweentown* superfan?

Will you be starting a Halloweentown marathon in honor of the film's 22nd anniversary, or are there other Halloween movies you prefer? Let us know your spooky preference in the comments below!