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15+ Extreme Haircuts That Prove Change Is Always Good

When someone says, "New hair, new me," you better believe them. Whether you get a haircut, a new color, or bangs, a new hairstyle can really change up the way you look and feel.

Seriously, it's the best thing ever. If you want to change up your hair but you need a little push, then check out these gorgeous girls who have changed up their hair game.

1. I love that she went from one extreme to the next!

Instagram | @alissa.ashley

From black to bleached blonde. It's hard to rock both hair colors, but I think that she wears them both perfectly!

2. You can't go wrong with braids! 

Instagram | @makeupshayla

They are so long and gorgeous, but her short and silky hair is a very beautiful change! How can one person pull off both hairstyles perfectly?

3. She went from sassy to glamorous! 

Instagram | @sheidafashionista

Seriously, this is just making me want to go pink so badly. It's such a beautiful pop of color that is so in at the moment.

4. This girl is rocking two big hair trends that killed it in 2017! 

Instagram | @lolaliner

The grey is so trendy, but pastel hair is just as trendy! I love both of them.

5. Sometimes it's nice to go to the dark side! 

Instagram | @chanteljeffries

I love the blonde look that she's rocking, but being a brunette looks just as lovely on her. So beautiful.

6. From red to pink!

Instagram | @bodmonzaid

She went from one bright color to the next! The red is gorgeous, but the pink is just so girly and adorable. Okay, now I want pink hair.

7. Sometimes going from brunette to blonde can be a little tough! 

Instagram | @ginashkeda

You have to change up your makeup game, and try out different colors that will work with your blonde hair. I think this girl nailed it.

8. Now, this is a pretty wild hair transformation! 

Instagram | @dynamiteroll

This is a tough cut to make, but honestly, I'm glad she made it. She looks super chic with this short haircut.

9. Red hair is so beautiful! It's just so bright and dramatic. 

Instagram | @makeupbysooni

Black hair is a lot more muted, but it makes just as much of a statement. I also really like how the red hair makes her eyes pop.

10. Wow! I'm really digging both of these hair colors. 

Instagram | @andreaschoice

I think both hair colors look very natural on hair, which is awesome. I especially love the red hair. It's just so bright and intense.

11. The battle of the blonde and the brunette! 

Instagram | @ssssamanthaa

I love how deep her brown hair is, and how ashy her blonde hair looks. She kind of looks like two different people!

12. My favorite thing about this is that her blonde hair has dark roots. 

Instagram | @msroshposh

It makes the blonde hair look like it has a ton of depth. I know that people cover up their roots, but I like the way it looks.

13. That is one intense purple hair color! 

Instagram | @naomijon

I seriously can't stop staring at it. After her transition to icy blue hair, it's pretty cool that it matches her blue eyes.

14. Sometimes all you need is a little bit of a haircut to change up your look!

Instagram | @happydelphy

Her hair still has some volume on the top. Ain't nothing wrong with a little snip.

15. This blonde to brown hair transformation is gorgeous. 

Instagram | @lustrelux

As much as I really like her as a blonde, I'm obsessed with how light her brown hair is. Anything darker would just wash her out.

16. Sometimes, you just need to chop it all off.

Instagram | @jaxhairatx

Giving your hair a big chop can be a little intimidating, but the results speak for themselves. I love this bob styled with loose waves. It looks so modern!

17. It just goes to show that a simple haircut can really make a difference.

Instagram | @ conwaygrooming

This woman opted for a mid-length style with just a few light layers. It's an easy look that anyone can pull off.

18. This look went from frizzy to fiery.

Instagram | @salondelsur

The hair in the "before" photo was practically screaming for some TLC. Thankfully, with a new cut and updated color job, it looks fresh and fiery.

19. Is it just me, or does she look like a literal angel?

Instagram | @alessbeauty.11

Her hair looks so soft and healthy now! This is a true transformation.

20. Taking the plunge into short hair.

Instagram | @alessbeauty.11

Honestly, as someone who once chopped off most of their hair on a whim, I can say it's a very liberating experience. I highly recommend it!

21. Adding a splash of color to a new cut.

Instagram | @herahairbeauty

This mohawk was tidied up and then given an eye-popping blue hue. I absolutely love this look. Rock on!

22. The moment when you get past the "grow out" stage.

Instagram | @barberette_london

This grown-out mohawk got a much-needed update. This awesome pixie cut was just what the stylist ordered to give this look a fresh edge.

23. Never underestimate the power of bangs.

Instagram | @sirenaleibeaute

A dramatic change without cutting off all your hair? Yes, it's possible. Just go bold with some bangs!

24. Anyone else in love with this tousled bob?

Instagram | @hair_by_brentandcarlyn

Her hair has so much more shape and texture now with the help of this beautiful haircut. This is a great option for people with fine hair.

25. Letting it all go.

Instagram | @carlycutsmyhair

This transformation actually took my breath away. It's such a dramatic difference, but now her haircut really draws attention to her face and frames her eyes.