10+ Women In Hollywood Who Are Letting Their Gray Hair Grow

Gray hair, don't care.

At least, that's how these 10+ women in Hollywood are handling a case of the grays. Instead of rushing out to the salon, they're embracing their newfound silver strands.

This is hella inspiring. So, if you've found your first gray or are scared to find one, allow these women to change your perception on aging in general.

1. Chrissy Teigen

While her gray isn't visible, she did admit to finding a gray patch in 2018. When this happened, she took a very Chrissy approach to it.

"I have a skunk like streak of grey hair and I'm actually very into it," she tweeted. "My Cruella dreams are coming true."

2. Gwyneth Paltrow

As a lover of natural products, it's not surprising that the Goop founder is embracing her grey roots.

"Of course I have wrinkles [and] grey hair," she told People. "But I genuinely love it. This is who I am."

3. Helen Mirren

Even with the gray hair, it's hard to believe that the actress is 75.

She told Vogue that it was her mother's advice that helped her embrace aging. "My mother once said, ‘Never worry about getting older.'"

"I know the thought of you being 45 when you’re 25 is, Oh, my god! Who wants to be 45?"

She was still considered to be "hot" during one episode of The Office, so we'd say that she's doing pretty well for herself!

4. Jamie Lee Curtis

After years of dying her gray hair at the salon, the actress had enough.

"The epiphany came when I was sitting in a hair salon thinking, 'What the eff am I doing putting a chemical on my head that burns?'" she told Everyday Health in 2017.

5. Meryl Streep

The actress first proved that she can rock a head full of gray when she portrayed Miranda Priestly on The Devil Wears Prada.

Since then, she's let gray hair grow into her natural blonde.

6. Diane Keaton

The actress has been okay with letting her blonde grow out.

"My hair is now white. It’s better to have light around your face—I think it looks better on older people," she told People.

7. Glenn Close

The actress got a good look at her hair's future (minus the black) when she starred as Cruella De Vil in 101 Dalmations.

Once her blonde grew out, she transitioned to gray, and eventually white, with grace.

8. Stacy London

The former host of What Not to Wear has become synonymous with her gray streak in the front.

It grew in after undergoing several intensive treatments to help her in her battle with the skin condition psoriasis.

"I never tried to hide it," she told *The New York Times*.

She even made it a clause in her contract with Pantene as a spokesperson that they couldn't dye the gray.

That's dedication!

9. Sarah Silverman

The comedian has always been known for her long, dark locks. But she's been turning to the gray side ever since the coronavirus pandemic began.

"good or bad the greys are on point," she wrote on Instagram back in March.

10. Alexandra Grant

Keanu Reeves chose a good woman.

In 2019, the artist took to Instagram to share that she's abstaining from dying her gray hair due to the reported link between dye and breast cancer.

"I went grey prematurely in my early 20's... and dyed my hair every colour along the way until I couldn't tolerate the toxicity of the dyes any more," she wrote.

"In my 30's, I let my hair turn 'blonde'... I love and support that every womxn can choose how she wants to look at every age. But/and if womxn are perishing from beauty standards... then let's talk about those beauty standards. Love to all womxn!"

11. Emmylou Harris

The country singer refused to go back to her roots when gray started taking over her brunette locks.

"I did color it, for a while, and then it was just so much trouble," she told The New York Times.

"If I didn’t think it looked good on me, I would color it," she continued.

"Women should do whatever makes them feel good, but I do wish that we would accept our aging selves."

Yass, Queen!

12. Tamera Mowry-Housley

"Hello grays. No getting my hair done during #socialdistancing, and I’m okay with it!" the actress shared on Instagram.

Tamara's twin sister, Tia Mowry-Hardrict, has also been growing out her grays the past couple of months. Must be a twin thing.

13. Kelly Ripa

The talk show host was been keeping fans entertained with her "root watch" on Instagram.

It's something that she began when the quarantine started since she was unable to get to the salon for a touch-up.

"#rootwatch week 8," the talk show host shared on Instagram back in May.

Ripa's husband, Mark Consuelos, said the sweetest thing about her graying hair.

"I think it looks beautiful; I like it. I’m looking forward to when it’s just completely gray.”

14. Salma Hayek

In February 2019, the Drunk Parents actress proved just how much she's embracing her silver strands.

She posted this picture, along with the caption, "Proud of my white hair." Of course, she's still just as beautiful.