10+ Times Henry Cavill Made Us Fall Madly In Love With Him

It's super hard not to crush on the Superman actor, Henry Cavill.

The actor is the full package with his irresistible good looks, sculpted bod, and a down-to-earth personality to boot. Basically, we'll be the Louis Lane to his Superman any day.

And just when you thought you couldn't love him anymore, we present this list of 10+ times Henry Cavill made us fall in love with him.

Get ready to swoon.

1. Whenever he's obsessed with his dog, Kal.

That is one lucky dog.

The American Akita goes with the actor everywhere: on planes, in his bed for nighttime cuddles (again, very jealous of a dog), and even on the set of Henry's projects.

That was the case when the actor was filming Season One of *The Witcher*.

“He was there the entire time, he spent most of his time in the trailer rather than on set,” Cavill told People.

“Because when he can see me, but he can’t get to me, he tends to start making a lot of noise."

2. When he played Superman.

This was the role that ultimately launched his career.

While there were so other actors in the running — Matt Bomer, Joe Manganiello, and Christian Bale — Henry was the perfect choice.

3. When he celebrated International Women's Day.

The actor melted hearts when he shared this photo and wrote this on Instagram:

"I consider myself very fortunate to be surrounded by some incredible women, some you know of, others you don't. These women have helped guide, comfort, shape and mould me," he began.

"Without them I wouldn't be half the man I am," he continued.

"You know who you are, I love you all. Happy International Women's Day. #InternationalWomensDay."

Ugh, our love for him is bordering on dangerous at this point.

4. When he posted this.

There's a reason the actor was cast as Superman: he's just that good looking.

Whether he's clean-shaven or rocking a beard, the actor always looks good. And don't even get us started on that chiseled jaw or those blue eyes.

5. When he played Geralt of Rivia on *The Witcher*.

That accent. Those abs in the bath. That white hair. Everything about Henry's performance was top-notch.

The show even became the most-watched first season of television on Netflix.

It was watched by over 76 million households!

We have to believe that Henry was a major part of that.

He'll be resuming his role for the second season as filming resumed back in August.

6. When he had nothing but adorable things to say about Millie Bobby Brown.

Okay, first we were jealous of his dog and now we're jealous of a 16-year-old.

That's because the young actress got to play Henry's little sister in Enola Holmes, which is currently streaming on Netflix.

"She’s such a marvelous person to be around," he gushed on the Happy Sad Confused podcast.

"The energy coming off her is infectious. She’s going to have a massive impact on this industry. I’m just happy to be part of her story," he said.

7. When he was so sweet to this little kid.

Get ready for your ovaries to explode.

There is just something so attractive about a man being sweet to a little child, especially when it's Henry.

"...oh and I got to meet Superman. #WhoWillWin #Superman," he captioned the vid.

8. Whenever he's super supportive of other members of the DC Universe.

It was so sweet when the actor took time out of his busy life to promote Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman movie.

But honestly, can you notice the DVD when you've got Henry in a tank top?

9. When he improvised the iconic "arm reloading" in Mission: Impossible — Fallout*.

According to the film's writer/director Christopher McQuarrie, they weren't even aware that Henry improvised the now-iconic 'gun show' move until they were editing the film.

"I don’t know if you’ve ever watched those reaction videos of people watching trailers, but go watch some reaction videos of people watching the Fallout trailer," he said.

"You’ve got Tom [Cruise] flying helicopters and falling off of mountains and smashing through walls and crashing motorcycles — and the single biggest reaction is Henry Cavill reloading his arms."

10. When fans realized that he's actually British.

Just when we thought he couldn't be any more handsome, we go and find out that Henry has a British accent.

He's from Saint Helier, Jersey, a British territory. This must have made his accent in The Witcher a lot easier.

11. Whenever he posts a fitness selfie.

Fitness is a huge part of the actor's life, and we're so grateful that he shares it with us.

Just look at those gains strong muscles that we wish were wrapped around us. Swoon

12. When his posted this thirst trap.

If the live-action version of The Little Mermaid hasn't cast its Prince Eric yet, then it's pretty obvious who should be the man for the job.

Just look at that stance, the flowing brown locks. It's Bon Voyage to our self-control.

13. Whenever he's super down-to-earth.

Which is always. The actor has had to overcome a lot in his life and career to get to where he is now.

For instance, a lot of people don't know that Henry Cavill was bullied as a child.

He has also faced his fair share of failed auditions.

One time, he even flubbed an audition in front of Patrick Stewart since he was so nervous.

"You gave me very kind words and you said, 'I'm so glad that you came back in.' That gave me such strength throughout my career and I've never forgotten it," Henry told Patrick.