15+ Moments That Made Us Wonder How People Can Be So Dumb

Paddy Clarke
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We see things on a daily basis that leave us flabbergasted as to the idiocy of some people out in the world ⏤ from people not knowing how clipboards work (yes, seriously!) to people thinking that supermarket bread is a chair!

So, please enjoy marveling at these 15+ moments that made us wonder how people could be so dumb!

"Flex Seal can do ANYTHING!"

Someone quite rightly pointed out that, based on the amount of Flex Seal they must have bought, as well as the time spent on this, they may as well have just bought a camper van!

"Father has a ps4 setup in his car for his kids. Monitor is in front of the airbags."

I don't think that flat-screen TVs have quite the cushioning support that something like an airbag might have in the event of a crash, but that might just be me.

"My manager taped a piece of paper to a clipboard..."

You would think that this piece of office equipment being called a clipboard would have given it away a bit, but alas, no!

"Well, that's an interesting warning sign..."

Warning signs like this always have a story behind them, but this one seems quite self-explanatory and I really don't want to know the specifics!

"If anyone wants to know how online school is going, here it is..."

What kind of question was this in the first place? I don't know what class this person was taking, but I'd switch to another one!

"Car meets fresh concrete!"

That man now stands marooned upon his cemented vehicle, reminiscent of a captain standing upon the deck of a sinking ship... A ship that he sunk through idiocy.

"Satan would be so proud."

Always make sure to proofread your messages, as otherwise, you may end up pledging your eternal allegiance to our dark lord inadvertently... And trust me, that's a road you don't want to go down. Praise be to the dark lord.

"Hunting dog for sale..."

I can hear that dog's inner monologue saying, "I can smell him. He's close, that's for sure! Dammit, these birds are getting smarter every day!"

Since When? Why Wasn't I Informed!

Well, you would have thought that governments would have let us know of this development! I remember when fire used to be cold as ice! Things just aren't the same anymore.

"Someone hit my mail box and drove off."

What on Earth is that mailbox made of? You only have to look sideways at my mailbox for it to fall over, and yet this one is proudly holding that license plate like a victorious gladiator!

Entering Elevators By Osmosis

Also, I just want to let people know that I have already dibsed the name "Entering Elevators By Osmosis" as an album title. Now I just need to write the album. It'll be techno though, for sure.

"Explosion loading..."

I just love how they're squatting down... As though they're being even remotely sneaky, yet they're in plain view of everyone!

"Is This Offer For Him?!"

Someone really didn't think this ad placement through. Or, the marketing person for this knife business paid extra for a truly ruthless ad placement!

"So my girlfriend didn't want to lose the keys to her lock..."

One thing is for sure, she won't lose them! Well, that is, provided that she doesn't lose the lock as well, which wouldn't be too much of a loss considering that it is now pretty much useless.

Just... What?!

One of the most important aspects of conversation is actually listening to what the other person is saying!

"This grouch thought it was OK to pop a squat on the buns! She then proceeded to yell at me for stealing her spot in line at the deli counter!"

I hope that she had to pay for the buns that she squashed! Dear God, no one else should have to eat those now anyway!

I'm Not So Sure That He Does...

"Jeez, Lincoln. Just let me sleep here!"

"For the last time, Donald, I don't like having you sleep on my lap like this!"

"This is how my friend's apartment maintenance man decided to hang the clothes rack."

Wow, this takes shoddy workmanship to new levels! I love how they've tried to paint over them to hide this as well. Seamless!

Seems Secure...

Look, I'm sure that this will be perfectly adequate! On an unrelated note, however, I would not be getting on that for all of the money in the world.