Michael C. Hall Is Returning For A 'Dexter' Revival

Showtime's fan-favorite series, Dexter, came to an end after eight seasons back in 2013. The show has managed to maintain its cult status over the last seven years, and fans are now rejoicing after hearing the news that it's making a triumphant return — for a limited time.

2020 has brought us a lot of things, but I don't think anyone was ready for it to bring us the return of Dexter Morgan.

After nearly a decade off the air, the show is coming back for a limited-run 10-episode series — and Michael C. Hall will be returning with it.

The Twitter account Dexter on Showtime made the announcement Wednesday afternoon.

While further details are pretty limited at this point, rumor has it that we can expect this limited series to air at some point in fall 2021.

And we can't WAIT!