11+ Matching Tattoos With An Incredible Meaning

There's often a reason why people get matching tattoos. Usually, it's a great bonding experience. In fact, there are couples who, instead of just getting wedding rings, end up getting cute tattoos together.

Then, there are those times when people want to commemorate a special moment that they shared together. The folks on this list got matching tattoos and their stories are definitely worth finding out more about.

1. This Homage To Dad

This person's father passed away almost two months ago. On their dad's birthday, they honored their father's wish of having matching tattoos. Aww, that's so incredibly sweet. Isn't it? I think this is definitely a fitting homage.

2. This Robot Love

If this isn't the most fun idea you've ever seen, I simply don't know what is. I never would have come up with a design like this, which is what makes these tattoos so special — at least to me.

3. Sun And Moon

I'm such a fan of simple tattoos. They prove that not every idea needs to be overly complicated. If you dig the simplicity of this design you may want to consider getting a tattoo like this with someone.

4. This Couple's Tattoo

See what I mean? This is such a cool couple tattoo. If my fiancé was into getting something like this, I would be totally thrilled. I love how straightforward this is and also right to the point.

5. This First Anniversary Tat

How did you and your husband celebrate your first anniversary? Well, if you were like this fun couple, you would have gotten a tattoo together. I think that's such a cool way to celebrate indeed.

6. This Special Occasion Tat

Speaking of anniversary tattoos, here's another amazing example. How cute is this matching couple tattoo idea here? I gotta admit, I totally love it. If only I could convince my partner to be on board with something like this.

7. This Funny Take

If you're not the serious type you may want to steal this couple's brilliant tattoo. I bet this is the kind of tattoo everyone will get a kick out of. What do you think of this idea?

8. This Twin Tattoo

If you were blessed with having a twin, I bet it's the kind of bond that's hard for others to understand. These twin sisters got a great idea to celebrate their special link to one another.

9. This Special Bond

This husband and wife got matching tattoos. All the moons represent a different day in their relationship: The lowest moon was their first kiss, the middle moon was their engagement, and the top moon was their wedding day. They married on their 10-year anniversary. What a nice way to celebrate their love.

10. These Sibling Tattoos

This brother and sister got matching tattoos on the brother's 18th birthday. The cards represent them and their little sister. Aww, that's such a sweet gesture. I love when siblings do something like this together. No?

11. These Footsies

I know I've already shown you a sun and moon tattoo idea but I think this one is totally different. First of all, I love that these are located on the feet and second of all, the detail is stunning.

12. This *Pulp Fiction* Duo

Who here is a fan of Pulp Fiction? It is a great movie, huh? If you're a huge movie buff, you may want to get something as cool as this. You just gotta convince someone else to join in, ha, ha!

13. This Arrow And Target

Talk about an interesting concept for a matching tattoo, huh? These two friends definitely share something special to do matching tattoos like these. I think this would work as a couples' tattoo, as well. Am I right or what?

14. This Cup Of Tea

If you're someone's "cup of tea," then you should get this tattoo. Aww, isn't this such a romantic idea? For a tea lover like me, this speaks volumes. I would so get this done.

15. This *Friends* Tattoo

I bet these friends are not only besties but also huge fans of the show, too. What better way to celebrate the special bond you have together and your beloved TV show. I simply adore this.

16. This Sisterly Love

What an absolutely gorgeous tattoo to share with your sister. If I could convince my big sis to get something like this, it would be so grand. I think it's really beautifully done, too. What do you think?

17. This Step-Siblings Tattoo

Just because you're not related by blood doesn't mean you can't celebrate the special bond you share. These stepbrothers did just that with such an awesome tat. It's so cool they both have a great sense of humor.

18. These Wedding Tattoos

Oh my goodness, how cute are these two? Aww, that's the sweetest thing I've ever seen done to celebrate a wedding. Whoever did this had the absolute best idea here. I gotta say, it's so unique.

19. These Bar Codes

Wow, what a neat idea for a matching tattoo! Don't you think? These barcodes have numbers that match this couple's birth dates. That's one of the most interesting tattoo ideas I've seen in quite some time.

20. This Tom & Jerry

Are you Tom or are you Jerry in your relationship? These two look like they surely have a lot of fun together. Otherwise, why would they get rad tattoos like this one? Right?

21. Bart And Lisa

Oh my goodness, isn't this the cutest matching tattoo idea you've ever seen? I absolutely love this. It would be perfect for those siblings whose relationship resembles these two, ha, ha! Don't you think? This is adorable.

22. This Incredible Piece

OMG, I don't think I've ever seen a cool idea for a tattoo such as this one. That's one thought-out concept for sure. I think it looks so amazing and totally realistic, too. Are you blown away?

According to this Instagram post, wine is very important in this couple's life: "The first time they went out together, he presented her with two bottles of wine. Little did they know that this day would change their entire history. " That's such a cool story!

If you ever wanted to get a matching tattoo with someone, now might be the time.

Unsplash | Elizabeth Tsung

I hope these cool designs gave you some great ideas to consider. Is getting a matching tattoo with someone an idea you'll like to entertain some day?

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