16+ Hilarious Coincidences We Couldn’t Make Up If We Tried

The world is full of coincidences that we encounter on a daily basis, some of which completely defy belief.

And so, from pesky vampires at a blood bank to real-life Rainbow Roads, here are 16+ hilarious coincidences that we couldn't make up if we tried for you to enjoy!

"I'd like to make a withdrawal please."

"Hi, I'd like to make a withdrawal, but can you make sure I don't get any O Negative? That stuff tastes like a cheap Shiraz!"

"The cat knocked my daughter's fish bowl off the dresser."

I can imagine that the cat must have been incredibly disappointed with this result. This is like something out of Tom and Jerry.

That Is One Hell Of A Lucky Car!

The person who owns this Honda must be the kindest and most generous person on the planet for the world to be so kind to them here. Talk about car-ma!

"Friend got his keys stuck..."

The person who posted this went on to write, "He was bored so he was spinning them, then out of [nowhere] he thought of throwing them, [and] they stuck on the drop ceiling." Thankfully, a janitor helped them get them down!

"My rotting Goomba pumpkin looks more like Goomba now than it did when it was freshly carved."

What a happy coincidence! Although, that pumpkin doesn't look too chuffed about the whole situation!

"I found a triple Banana!"

I don't know why, but that is strangely unsettling. I feel like this should be a superweapon in Mario Kart!

"This plaque at the dog park commemorating a park record."

I feel like there is something missing from this explanation. I mean, that woman must have been doing something to attract that many dogs; had she stolen a string of sausages from a butcher or something?

"My dog gave birth to 3 puppies last year with sequenced spots on their backs."

It's fortunate that they were labelled to avoid confusion going forward! This also comes across like a really low-budget remake of 101 Dalmations.

Something Smells Fishy...

Ah yes, I love it when I buy something online and the pickup instructions are to pick it up by the swings in a public park. The only way that it could be weirder is if they added, "Only come after sunset!"

"Mosquito killed by a dart."

Wow, they really nailed that poor little guy! Well, I say "poor little guy" now, but I think I'd be saying something different if I were on holiday and getting bitten senseless by the little gits.

"Clever product placement at my local grocery store!"

I only need to walk past the front of a Taco Bell for me to need a Rennie! Although, that doesn't stop me torturing myself by eating there.

They Must Be Big Fans!

Well, every time that I see a large trailer pull out to try and overtake another one I do find myself thinking, "I knew you were trouble when you pulled in!"

"The sun hit this freshly-paved tarmac just right and made a real-life Rainbow Road through polarized lenses."

Even just looking at this fake Rainbow Road is making my blood pressure rise. I always lost at Rainbow Road as a kid, and I've never gotten over it.

"Beware of the dog."

Sure, he looks cute and adorable now, but just you wait! If you go through that gate then you'll find out that he is...well, even cuter and more adorable than you may have thought!

"As I'm boarding I realize I have the only broken screen on the plane. This is why I don't play the lottery."

Actually, shouldn't this be evidence for why they should play the lottery? The odds of this happening were infinitesimal!

"Dwayne Wade accidentally photobombing a proposal."

The odds of not only having your proposal photobombed, but having it be photobombed in such a wholesome way by a star athlete are incredibly slim. It makes the proposal all the more special, though!

"Was cutting down a tree at a golf course and found a golf ball wedged in it."

Imagine going golfing and losing your ball, just for it to be discovered in a tree over a decade later. I'm gonna guess you lost that game.

"This Owl that flew into the Window and then had a staredown with my cat."

By the look that owl's got on, I'm going to assume your cat brought down someone close to him, and he wants vengeance.

"This truck up inside a tree."

So what came first, the truck or the tree? No, really, which is it?

"My bag of chips came with an entire potato."

I think this bag is trying to tell you to eat some more vegetables of the not fried and salted variety.

"Decade old sticker on my nuggets from today."

You know some employee found a box of these in the back of a closet and got so excited, started sticking them on everything.

"Friends shadow looks like Vader!"

I love the suspicious look he's throwing over his shoulder, as if he doesn't trust his own shadow after seeing this.

"My one dog looks like my other dog's shadow."

Even after reading the title, it took me a moment to realize there was even a second dog in this photo.

"Pulled out a beard hair because I thought something was stuck to it, it tied itself in a knot."

People in the comments were saying how it happened to them all the time, and I'm still in awe. How have I not caught my hair doing this by now?

"Dog on a bear blanket."

Most humans dream under the sheets, but this dog dreams on top of them, dreams of being a big, ferocious woodland predator.

"How our Amazon dude left our packages!"

The coincidence here is having a delivery person with this kind of clever and fun perspective on things.

"I found a bug inside a sealed package of chewable pepto bismol."

This fly had an upset stomach and in his quest to soothe it, he found a much worse fate.

Organic Arts.

Are the plants next to this one growing into some sweet sheet music?

"Found this poster while in Wanaka, New Zealand."

At this point, why not! Might as well let someone new and honest have a shot at the whole politics thing.

"A dragon fly landed on my friend's foot and mirrored its own tattoo."

I absolutely love dragonflies. Although, I can imagine this one getting progressively angrier with the tattoo for ignoring it.

"Hunting dog for sale."

Maybe this dog is onto something. Instead of hunting ducks, befriend them, invite them over for coffee one day and grow close to them through conversation about family and passions.

"Butterfly bro lands on his own picture."

Like the dragonfly earlier, I feel like this little butterfly is saying to that picture, "Hey, I don't think we've met! Do you maybe fancy going for a drink sometime? Oh... Fine then! Ignore me!"

"My friend just sent me a picture of his tattoo. He got a pimple and now it looks like a sunset."

Well, it's either they got a pimple in their tattoo or they were conscious about their pimple and got a tattoo around the pimple!