10+ Inventions That Solve Annoying Problems Around The House

The products on this list aren't just things — they're problem solvers. These are the products where engineers and inventors went, "Hmmmm? What does the average person struggle with?" and they went out to solve those issues for us. I'm not saying they're miracles, but they are pretty darn close. Let's check them out!

An acrylic organizer for your remotes.


Because we all know those things end up all over the place. This acrylic organizer is the perfect thing to wrangle your remotes — if you remember to put them back.

This automatic toothpaste dispenser.

There's a few different models out there, but I chose this one for the LED light around it! I just think it looks neat. This will automatically dispense out the perfect amount of toothpaste, and help you get as much toothpaste out of your tubes as you possibly can.

These shower bottle holders will cut down on shower clutter.

If you're short on surface area in your shower, these bottle holders might be the perfect answer for you. They have a really good grip, and can support most bottles!

A smart plug.


I swear by smart plugs. They solve problems that you don't even know you have. I use mine to turn off all the lamps in my house at night, since my apartment was designed without pot lights in the ceiling. Ah, modern architecture.

A home for your Echo Dot or Google Home.

Look how clean that looks! No cables in sight, just a sleek little home for your smart home device. It's available for any of the dots, homes, or Alexas you may have!

A desktop vacuum.

This thing is all over home decor TikTok (yes, I spend a lot of time on home decor TikTok), and I want one so badly. It's perfect for this little spills that you don't want to get a hand vac out for!

An olive oil spray dispenser.

Not only is this super handy, it's gorgeous! No more having to buy aerosol sprays full of chemicals — you can buy your preferred brand of oil and let this dispenser do the spraying for you.

Dissolvable soap sheets.

These are perfect for leaving the house in the time of Coronavirus, especially if you hate hand sanitizer. Pop these in your bag and activate them with water for instant soap!

A wireless keyboard for working from home.

If you're like me, you're spending a lot of time working at home lately. Pick up a wireless keyboard with a built-in phone and tablet stand to help switch up your workspace location!

A sleek socket.

This is a socket cover with a built-in extension cord that is going to change your life. Instead of having tons of stuff sticking out of your wall, plug this socket in and plug your stuff into the extension cord!

Shower/mirror phone holder.

This has micro-suction tape on it, which helps it adhere to a mirror or to tile. Now you can watch whatever you want while getting ready or showering!

This tech desk organizer.

For all the essentials that you need to work, but don't have room to keep out all the time. This desk organizer stacks away neatly and blends into your decor when you don't need it!

A wall plug with a built-in USB port.

Kiss wall chargers goodbye. Swap out your regular electrical plate for one with some USB chargers built into them! It'll take some electrical experience and some patience, but it's so worth it.

This awesome little handheld bag sealer.

Goodbye, disposable bags. This little handheld bag sealer uses heat to melt any open bag back shut, and comes with a blade to help reopen it again! Game-changer.