15+ Strange Things That We Never Would've Guessed Were Possible

Motivational posters try to tell us that anything is possible, even though we know deep down that there's no way this can be true. And yet, the real world sometimes seems to suggest otherwise.

I don't know if you'll feel motivated by the weird possibilities in this article, but they're bound to raise your eyebrows just a little bit.

Free at last.

Reddit | DrJazzinitup

This hardboiled egg, at some point during the hardboiling process, ejected its yolk, fully intact, leaving the shell otherwise untouched. I wonder what the yolk did to make the rest of the egg so angry.

Someone's getting fired for this.

Reddit | greg__37

So a jar of mayonnaise got labelled and safety sealed at the factory while totally empty, then a grocery store employee put it on the shelves like everything was normal. This is very odd.

Follow the trail.

Reddit | MTPokitz

This is a long, long single-file line of caterpillars in Australia. Apparently they put on this weird display to find new sources of food to distribute among themselves.

Bend but don't break.

Reddit | Hollybanger45

This bottle of beer is dented. Yes, a glass bottle with a dent. Someone needs to invent glass that does this instead of shattering.

Watch your head.

Reddit | Sapulinjing

The town of Setenil de las Bodegas in southern Spain features houses and shops that have been carved out of the cliffs that tower overhead.

How is that possible?

Here's a countertop that apparently has a drop of water on it. In the reflection on the side of the coffee maker, you can clearly see the drop — but not on the counter itself.

New shoot.

Reddit | watercatte

The prominent stalk of bamboo in the middle is the newest one, grown during a low ebb in tourist season. Without the wandering hands of tourists, it's totally unscathed.

Unsettling find.

Reddit | VVHYY

Don't worry, it isn't a severed human head lying on the ground. It's just a random rock that somehow looks exactly like a severed human head lying on the ground.

To the forest.

Reddit | EpicDuckOverlord

This is an overhead view of the Electric Forest music festival back in 2019. It's kind of a trip to imagine a music festival happening in a literal forest.

So that's where they come from.

Reddit | catbreadloaf

I always assumed Brussels sprouts came from — huh, I'd actually never thought of this before. Still, I never would have imagined that they grow like this.

The hill has a hat.

I'd like to know what's going on with this mountain in upstate New York. Most of the trees are showing their autumn colors, but the bump at the top is still green.

Crown of flowers.

Reddit | GallowBoob

The pretty ceramic flowers on this skull look vivid, even retaining their original colors. Incredibly, they're more than two thousand years old, as the skull dates back to 300 or 400 BC.

What happens on 02/10/2022?

Reddit | daveibo1

This is a deck of playing cards — y'know, that low-tech game that's gone unchanged for centuries. So why do they have an expiration date? What do expired cards look like? I need answers.

Which is it?

Reddit | TheEightDoctor

Quick, tell me what the heck is going on here. Obviously, this is a skyscraper. But is the big rectangular thing a projecting roof, or the underside of a ledge?

Shadows are weird.

Bugs that can walk on water actually depress the water with their legs without breaking the surface tension. You can see the effect in this spider's weird shadow.

Don't run.

Reddit | mixtapa

Imagine returning to this hotel after a long night, only to realize that you'll need to traverse the wireframe shadow dimension before getting to your room.


Reddit | indigogibni

Either cucumber vines have become sentient and developed a taste for cherry tomatoes, or this vine picked up the tomato by pure happenstance. Either way, it's weird.

Cornea crash.

Reddit | milesperhour25

This person smashed their eyeglasses up against their eye so hard that their literal eyeball left a distinct smudge on the lens.

Is that even legal?

Reddit | geekykayaker

Yes, this house's numeric address is 0. As in zero. As in nothing. This seems like the kind of thing that would break a delivery driver's brain.

Here's looking at you.

Reddit | ShadowsGirl9

The roots of this cactus have an important message: "Hi!"

Let us know about some of the weird, seemingly impossible stuff you've encountered in the comments below!

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