10+ Facts About Tilda Swinton Fans Didn't Know

Snowpiercer, Doctor Strange, We Need To Talk About Kevin, Avengers: Endgame, The Chronicles of Narnia, and The Curious Case of Benjamin Button star, Tilda Swinton, is truly one of a kind. She is a quirky, eccentric, zany, peculiar woman and we love her for it!

Here are a few little-known facts about Tilda that fans probably didn't know.

1. She wanted to kill her baby brother when she was four years old, and ended up saving his life instead.

Speaking with The Guardian, Tilda confessed that when she was a child she had planned on murdering her baby brother.

But when she went into his bedroom to find him already choking on a piece of ribbon, she sprung into action and saved his life instead.

"I was going to kill him because he was a boy, naturally," she said.

"And I already had two brothers, and that was just too much to bear. I hadn't thought it through, but I was willing to wing it. And I noticed he had a ribbon from a baby bonnet sticking from the corner of his mouth. I started to pull it out – and then was witnessed in this great act of love, of nurture!"

2. She didn't speak for five years because she was being bullied.

In an interview with The Guardian, she revealed that her time in boarding school was not ideal.

She was often bullied by her peers, and she was homesick. As a result, she was mute for five years.

3. She is fascinated by witchcraft.

"The last witch in Scotland was burned, less than 200 years ago, in a village near to where I live in the Scottish Highlands. A mile from our house, a woman called Isobel Gowdie, a powerful and charismatic 'teller of tales,' was burned alive after 'confessing' to acts of witchery ranging from turning herself into animals to shagging the devil and every thrilling possible thing in between," she told Numero.

"I have always found this fascinating stuff, not only because of the proximity of these casual matters of fact, but the consistent narrative that runs through our ever-evolving 'civilization,' the incidental devaluing and demonizing of the intelligence of women and the attempts to suppress their 'magic' in the name of the rational."

"Meanwhile, the vital significance to the human psyche of wild women, of wise women, of devouring mother figures, from Kali in India to the Gorgon everywhere, the child-stealing Rangda in Bali, to the snake goddesses of Greece, is very real. The power of the feminine and its formidable shadow potential is accepted throughout human culture across all continents and millennia. We need to know the dark stuff to truly value and understand the light."

4. She doesn't describe herself as an actress.

"I have never described myself as an actress. This is partly because I never intended to become one, but also, as a point of accuracy, because whenever I read or hear proper actors describing their working lives and processes, I know that my own existence is dissimilar in too many ways to claim kin," she told Numero.

5. She loves coconut water.

"I love it. I drink it whenever I can get it," she told Esquire, adding:

"They say that it hydrates you more than water. And I just love the taste. I'm going to drink another one, in fact."

6. She has a green hobby.

While speaking with Esquire, Tilda mentioned that one of her favorite hobbies is gardening.

While she hardly spends any time at home, when she does, she gets right down to it!

7. She is from Scotland.

When asked in an interview with Esquire if she would ever consider abandoning her roots in Scotland and moving to New York City, she replied:

"I don't know. I think it's unlikely that I would ever not stay very closely connected to Scotland, but I always leave New York having not been here for long enough."

"But I do have a fantasy. Even this morning before you arrived, my sweetheart and I were looking at all these people working and thinking, I'd quite like to live in a city," she added.

"Just live and work in a city. Just to be able to say to your friends, 'Hey, should we meet and have a cup of coffee?'"

8. She has twins that are 16 years old.

"Here is my life: I live in the North of Scotland in a house outside like a big village, a small town, there's like 8,000 people in the whole area. We live by the sea. It's an old house with a kitchen garden and a field, which I really hope we're going to get pigs in. I have twins who are sixteen," she told Esquire.

"My children go to school, which we've just founded for them in a nearby town, and I do the school run."

9. She and her partner have nine dogs.

"My sweetheart and I have many dogs at home and when we're away for any length of time we become major dog perverts. If we see a dog on the corner of a street corner we will say, 'Oh look at that! Mmmm.' When we were coming from LA, this couple had a puppy at the airport. I don't want to go on about it, but I went over and I said, 'Can I? Can I?' And thank goodness they were very nice and let us totally play with their puppy," she told Esquire.

10. She once said she's from the same planet as David Bowie.

Most interviews with Tilda have described her as eccentric, "an alien" or "otherworldly," And to that, she agrees!

"I'm from the same planet as David Bowie," she told Esquire. "Well, I would find it strange for anybody to say that they didn't feel like an alien. Do you not feel like an alien? Did you never feel like an alien?"

11. Lorde performed at her birthday party one year.

Tilda revealed to Esquire that she had a birthday party one year with a guest list to behold.

"More and more there are things in my life that I find hard to say. Like, 'David Bowie and Lorde were at my birthday party.' She's a phenomenal spirit," she said.