Sharon Osbourne Celebrates Her 68th Birthday

It's hard to believe that the celebrities we grew up alongside ever actually age, especially when they seem to do so as gracefully and with as sharp a wit as Sharon Osbourne. It is true, however, that these celebrities actually are human just like us and age the same as the rest of us, which is how it's possible that the seemingly ageless Sharon is turning 68 this year.

Sharon Osbourne has done a lot with her life and her career.

While most of us likely know her from her reality show The Osbournes with her husband Ozzy and her kids Sharon and Jack or more recently from her position as a co-host on The Talk, Sharon was also a successful entertainment manager who helped launch Ozzy's solo career.

Sharon was born on October 9th, 1952.

That means that this year, Sharon is celebrating her 68th birthday! Even though Sharon ditched the iconic red hair for her greys earlier this year, she looks and acts just as youthful as she ever did!

I hope I can age with the same kind of grace and wit!

Fans took to social media to celebrate the star's special day.

We're also wishing Sharon the happiest of happy birthdays, and we hope that 68 treats her just as well as all the other ages have so far.

Hopefully her birthday party isn't too wild, but knowing the Osbournes, you can never be sure!