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Aldi's Ceramic Christmas Trees Are A Blast From Christmas Past

Back in the day, ceramics were all the rage, from Pottery Barn to neighborhood ceramic shops, they were extremely popular.

So, when we found out that Aldi was bringing back their ceramic Christmas trees, we just had to call up everyone to spread the word that they even come in two sizes this time.

It looks like Christmas is here early this year.

It definitely won't be a rough Christmas with these trees.

Ceramic trees give us all the nostalgic feels. Plus they save people from the mess of a live tree or the annoying setup of a synthetic one.

We can hardly blame these trees for being so bright and spirited.

Last year, these trees were so popular that Aldi decided to bring them back for 2020.

Teaming up with the “Merry Moments” brand name, Aldi was able to help everyone's ceramic Christmas wishes come true.

It's beginning to look a lot like Chirstmas.

Aisle of Shame

Now in both green and white, these festive trees are getting us nice and ready to carol all season long.

They also come in two sizes: a full-size and a mini tree.

'Tis the season to get a ceramic Christmas tree.

With each tree having battery operated bulbs, they'll be lighting up your life in no time.

These cuties don't just come in two colors, they also come in two sizes.

They're available at Aldi in a full-size version for $19.99, and a mini tree for $12.99! It must be a Christmas miracle.

Do these trees take you back? Share some fond past Christmas memories with us in the comments.

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