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Hollywood Men Who Rock The Silver Fox Look

It should be unfair that Hollywood men get better with age, but let's be honest, we're too busy drooling.

Even when their hair turns gray, they simply transform into another irresistible breed of man: the Silver Fox.

So look out, Christian Grey. Here are 10+ Silver Foxes who are having us seeing 50 shades of gray.

And just like the movies, it's bringing on all sorts of, erm, feelings.

Idris Elba

This man has been aging like quite the fine wine.

With this, comes the gray hair, which heavily populates his beard in such a handsome way. No wonder he was once named People's Sexiest Man Alive!

Chris Pine

Those piercing blue eyes and strong brows will look good with any hair color — but especially gray.

He first debuted the hints of gray at the premiere of I Am the Night. Suffice to say, we've been obsessed ever since.

Steve Carrell

The Office actor has had one of the most transformative glow-ups in Hollywood.

He went from looking like someone's clean-cut, ordinary dad to someone we would gladly call, "daddy."

insert winky face here.

Oscar Issac

The Rise of Skywalker will never turn to the dark side: he is now a silver fox!

The actor surprised fans with the handsome new lewk when he appeared on Family Fued with his cast members.

George Clooney

Let's be real: he's the original salt 'n pepper man daddy.

This, paired with his handsome good looks, charming personality, and his ability to rock any suit, and it's no wonder he's so many people's crushes.

Barack Obama

He went through quite the transformation during his time as President of the United States.

By the time he left the Oval office, his hair was almost fully gray. It's a good thing it totally works for him!

Mark Ruffalo

If you thought green was his color, think again.

He looks far too good as a silver fox. It's a look that he's embraced over the years, as he had brown, scruffy hair at the beginning of his Marvel career.

Patrick Dempsey

It's time to give McDreamy a new nickname: Silver Fox.

The actor started Grey's Anatomy with that signature thick, dark brown head of hair, but we love that he's embraced the gray as he's gotten older.

Matt LeBlanc

How you doin', Matt LeBlanc. A lot of people don't know that he's been going gray since his early 20s.

"I think it was the second season of Friends—way back then—that I started getting gray hair on the sides, so they started to dye it," Leblanc said on The Late Late Show with James Corden.

Eric Dane

If Patrick Dempsey is McDreamy, then Dane is definitely McSteamy.

He's got those rugged good looks that pair so well with those blue eyes and hints of gray in the front... it's getting steamy up in here.

Richard Gere

You probably remember his dark hair at the start of his career in movies, such as An Officer and a Gentleman and American Gigalo.

But he really turned up the heat as the silver fox businessman in Pretty Woman.

Anderson Cooper

The CNN reporter turned to the gray side in his 30s.

While he hasn't been happy with the gray, we think it gives him a distinguished look that matches his natural sophistication and smarts.

Hugh Grant

At the height of his career, he was known for his floppy brown hair and boyish good looks.

While he still has the latter, he's let his gray hair grow out as he's taken on more mature roles.

Morgan Freeman

He's always been known most for The Voice, but we're glad that he's embraced his grays instead of dying it.

It's become a signature look for him that, even decades later, has never gone out of style.

Jon Hamm

He is quite the dapper man with the gray. You can find it all over now, including in his beard.

The color suits him a lot more than the jet-black slicked back locks that resembled his Mad Man character.

Jeffery Dean Morgan

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When you think of an actor with gray hair in the beard, Morgan probably comes to mind.

He's made it a thing, after all, around the time he appeared on The Walking Dead. It made him look all that more powerful as Negan.

Harrison Ford

Even at 78, the action star is still a major heartthrob.

He's embraced his gray over the years as he's aged and even refused to dye it for the latest Indiana Jones movie. You go, Harrison!

Pierce Brosnan

He's another celeb who practically coined the term silver fox.

While we loved his tall, dark, and handsome look during his Bond days, he pulls off this mature look so well. And hey, he's still got the tall and handsome part.

Brad Pitt

As one of the most gorgeous men in Hollywood, we're not even surprised that he can pull off any color.

He still has his signature blonde, with some gray on the sides and even on his beard.