Quotes That Have All The Pet Parents Saying 'So True'

I'm a proud pet parent to a beautiful, wonderful, hell raiser of a puppy. And while I have nothing but pure love for him, there are days where I think, "Yep, the struggle is most definitely real."

No one ever said owning a pet would be easy, of course. But sometimes you just gotta wonder if it's not supposed to be just a teeny, tiny bit easier than this.

Still, we adore our pets, and we can at least take comfort in knowing we aren't the only people out there struggling to raise them right. Here are some fantastic quotes that I think all you pet parents out there will definitely relate to.

"You'll give in eventually, I'm sure of it."

My dog's favorite thing to do is to just sit and give me those big, heart-tugging puppy eyes until I either figure out what he wants from me, or I manage to distract him with his squeaky chicken.

...Okay, maybe you are.

We'd like to think we're the "dominant" figures in this relationship, but we're also the ones who pick up their poop and give them bully rubs so...

Perhaps not.

Follow the leader.

When my puppy falls asleep, I try to use these supremely rare moments as opportunities for a quick pee break, or to grab a snack, or to just go change out of the same clothes I've been wearing since he woke me up at 4 AM.

Of course, as soon as he senses I'm going anywhere he snaps awake to trail after me.

I spring out of bed like it's a catapult.


That alarm clock would be both the best and worst thing to happen to me, because I would never accidentally sleep late again, but I would also start every morning with the heart-pounding fear that my carpet's about to get destroyed.

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