Rep Your Hogwarts House With Blanket Robes From Amazon

Guys, I have amazing news: snuggies are back.

Remember snuggies? AKA slankets? AKA backward blankets with sleeves? Well, they've been redesigned and updated for the Harry Potter nerd in all of us, and I am already preparing to hit "Check out." Hufflepuffs, let's make some NOISE.

Slytherins can totally slither in one of these bad boys.

I am in no way apologizing for that joke. It's a classic and it will stand the test of time.

Each blanket is made from polyester and has generous sleeves for maximum comfort!

Hufflepuffs can totally vibe with their plants in one of these.

Professor Sprout would be proud! This Hufflepuff blanket features a print that looks just like the robes from the Harry Potter films, as well as an oversized House crest.

Gryffindors can play Quidditch in theirs...

But I wouldn't recommend it. You do have to pull the neckline up to get the full "wearing robes" look, for the record. Otherwise, the blanket is just chill to be a blanket, you know?

Ravenclaws can study their butts off in one of these.

How cute is this? Blanket robes are the absolute best gift for kids! It'll keep them nice and cozy in the winter as you marathon every single Harry Potter movie!

You can order each "robe" on Amazon.

Each robe measures 48 x 71 inches for maximum oversize coziness.

Oh, and there's even a Gryffindor scarf variant! Choose from Gryffindor, Gryffindor + scarf, Slytherin, Ravenclaw, and Hufflepuff for $24.95.