20+ Helpful Hacks Using The Junk In Your Desk Drawer

Our desk drawers aren't the most exciting places in the world, but they are where we keep some of our most useful tools. I'm not just talking about pens and pencils either. Those common items you use every day to write, erase, and hold paper together have a lot more uses outside of the office.

Take a look at these little lifehacks made possible by items that are probably sitting in your desk drawer right now.

1. Get the perfect eyeliner wing

Instagram | @anniehbeauty

If you struggle with your eyeliner like I do, then this hack will be a lifesaver. Use a small Post-It note to help guide you. Since it sticks to your skin, you'll have both hands free to complete your look.

2. Easy cord management

Instagram | @simplesurroundingsconsulting

Clip a few binder clips to the edge of your desk for a quick but effective DIY cord management system. All your chargers, cables, and cords are organized and in reach.

3. Paperclip needle threader

Instagram | @craftygaldiy

DIYers, you'll want to pay attention to this trick. Bend a paperclip to make a needle threader. I really wish I had known about this hack a long time ago.

4. Smooth out a bend in your shirt

Instagram | @sassychefchristina

Use paperclips to hold a shirt in place if you're trying to smooth out a major kink or wrinkle. This would be useful for the spaces between buttons on a shirt that are difficult to iron.

5. Phone stand

Instagram | @mrdiy.philippines

Go hands-free with your phone and make this nifty little phone stand in an instant. Use binder clips and a business card for this handy tip.

6. Or, you could try this fancy version.

Reddit | @PatMcGroine

This is like the DIY phone stand version 2.0. Use one of those desk organizers and a few paperclips if you prefer this model.

7. Never lose the end of your tape again


Is there anything more annoying than clawing at your tape roll, trying to find the end? A paperclip solves this common (but very irritating) problem right away.

8. Close your own bracelet

Instagram | @shes.charming

Ladies, you know the struggle of trying to close your own bracelet. Well, thanks to a paperclip and this hack, struggle no more. I'm going to keep a paperclip in my purse from now on.

9. DIY Curtain tie

Instagram | @klejmotek

It might not be the most beautiful curtain tie, but you can't argue with results. Sometimes the simplest solutions are the best ones.

10. No more tangled cords!

Reddit | aRVAthrowaway

Ever reached into your bag to find all your cords have become one huge knot? Yeah, it's not ideal. Grab a couple of binder clips and coil your cords.

11. Quick chip clip

Reddit | RealPinchersKorean

I don't think I've ever actually seen anyone use a pen clip the way it was intended, but this seems like a much better idea. Keep your snacks fresh (no one likes a hangry coworker).

12. Keep your earbuds organized

Reddit | Stewbacca71

This quick trick will keep your earbuds organized when you're on the go. Wrap the wire around a pen and tuck it in the clip to keep it secure.

13. Protect wires and cords

Reddit | Cafescrambler

The coil from inside a broken pen works really well as a guard for cables. The spring will help prevent the cable from splitting and will save you some moulah in the long run.

14. Keep your bag off the bathroom floor

Reddit | Aluminumthreads869

There is nothing worse than setting your purse down on the floor of a public bathroom. If there's no hook in the stall, use a pen and stick it in the hinge for a DIY hanger.

15. Fix a broken shoe strap

Instagram | @roxielune

At first glance, this hack almost looks like a fashion statement. If your shoe strap breaks, at least a few paperclips will get you through the day, and hey, who knows? Maybe you will just start a new trend.

16. Keep your shower curtain where it should be

Reddit | bsparks

If you happen to come across some heavy-duty magnetic paper clips, use a couple in your shower. Clip them to the curtain to prevent it from blowing in. Clever, clever clips.

17. Open difficult keychains

Reddit | QuevedoDeMalVino

A staple remover can help you open those tough keychains that love to destroy your fingernails. Save your fingernails. Use this.

18. Keep screws organized

Reddit | Termich

Screws and other small bits can be hard to keep track of if you're in the middle of a project. Use Post-It notes! The sticky side can hold onto your screws, and you can write on the note to remind yourself where they go.

19. Stop your apple from browning

Reddit | Sciense

If you prefer your apple sliced, use rubber bands to hold it together. This will prevent it from turning brown in your lunch. Such a great hack for your little ones!

20. Catch dust and debris

Instagram | @organiseringjennystyle

A well-placed Post-It note will catch any dust from the drill when you're working on a project. Why didn't anyone tell me about this sooner? It's so simple and so effective.

21. Quick tailoring trick

Instagram | @mallorypearson_

Need to be camera-ready right away? Use a few binder clips to tuck and fold your clothes. If it's good enough for the professionals, it's good enough for us.