14+ People Who Pulled Pranks Disguised As Nice Gestures

Pranks are just the best aren't they? Well, for a lot of people they are, and this is especially true when they come under the masquerade of being a nice gesture!

So, with this in mind, please enjoy these 14+ people who pulled pranks disguised as nice gestures!

"My boyfriend promised me a fancy dinner for our date."

"And for Madame, we have specially fried chicken goujons with homemade potato accompaniments, sat atop a bed of tomato puree with assort vegetables."

"I think we should see other people."

"Not what my husband had in mind when I told him I made a sexy dress."

This is the coolest dress that I have seen for a long time! I would absolutely wear this because... well, look at it!

"Told my mom to cancel brother's senior pictures appointment as I can do it for free!"

They certainly have a bit more... extravagance than my senior photographs do. Whether that is a good thing or not, I can't yet tell.

"I'll take 4 years!"

Basically, if my alarm could just go off when 2020 is over then that would do me just fine!

"My Husband wanted a sweet treat. I made orange rolls. To keep it interesting, one of these has nacho cheese on it."

Which one do people think has the nacho cheese on it? My money is on the one on the bottom right... something seems off about that one.

"I was promised fun words."

You were promised fun, but got serious, disheartening, and disappointing life lessons! That feels like the story of my life.

"My grandma wanted some 'creative' grad photos of my friend since we're graduating at the same time. This was her least favorite."

How could this be considered anything other than a masterclass in graduation photography? The lip bite on the guy at the back is a nice touch as well!

"My wife asked for 'laser hair removal'... she was less than thrilled."

This will help to add an extra element of precision to any shave, especially one done at a distance!

The Best Themed Party Of All Time!

The person who posted this explained, "This Brazilian girl is a big fan of K-pop and all Korean culture, so her father without understanding much wanted to personalize her party with the most famous Korean character he found."

"My wife wanted jewellery for Christmas... don't think she'll be too happy."

Something tells me that when this guy's wife tried on this "ring", he got to see it much closer up than he may have ever seen it before.

"Generic surprise birthday party for my wife."

As someone who is wildly annoyed by themed birthday parties, this would be ironically perfect for me. It's certainly more appropriate than a "miserable git theme" anyway.

"When I told my landlord my shower head was leaking, he said he was going to hook me up. This is what I came home to."

I cannot tell whether I would be furious about this or made up! They did go on to say that the water pressure needed a little more force though.

"The university told me to make my thesis title as compelling as possible. So I did."

Apparently, their professor thankfully found this funny! That would have been one hell of a gamble if it hadn't paid off!

"Oh cool! I've always wanted one!"

They always sell out so fast! I always wanted a signed one, but they're even harder to come by.

"Our refrigerator died, the next morning my 11y.o. told me check the fridge the milk went bad. This is what I found."

That is a very good face for a kid to be drawing in fairness, it's probably a better stab at drawing than I could do now!

"Prior to renovation, a client asked me to fill a hole we made after inspecting the foundation so nobody would fall in it."

"Who put this stupid skeleton here?"

"Excuse me? I'm actually here to warn people of the dangerous hole that was here!"

"Oh... God! I didn't realize you were..."

"Sentient?! Pfft, nobody ever does."

"Wife asked for ice cream. Hers is beans. I'm a terrible person."

Yeah, they really are a terrible person! What annoys me more though is that I can't tell which one is the refried beans?!

"My doctor told me to increase my sodium intake. So my dad sent me a 4lb rock salt lick."

I know that it is a joke gift and all, but I don't think that I would be able to resist licking it just once.

"My new girlfriend said she'd never fart in front of me. She let one slip last night, so I got her a cake to celebrate."

The first time you fart in front of your partner can be a big moment for a lot of people, so it's nice to see someone properly commemorating this moment!

"I put googly eyes on my VR glasses and let my grandparents try them out."

I cannot explain why, but the photo on the bottom right reminds me of the guy from Pan's Labyrinth who has eyes in his hands.