'Borat 2' Is Coming To Amazon Video

If you've been looking at the news every day in 2020 and thought to yourself dang, what would Borat think of all of this — turns out you're not the only one!

That's right! Sacha Baron Cohen is back, baby and this time, he brought BORAT!

If you're thinking to yourself oh wow, I haven't heard that name in years yes sweetie, you're not the only one!

Is there anything more quintessentially early aughts than *Borat*? Everyone quoted it like literally... ALL THE TIME!

If your need a refresher, Borat follows the story of a Kazakh resident who travels to the America to film a documentary about the country.

In the end, he realizes that the USA is the same to his own country in many ways!

Now, 14-years later, the sequel is here! Because 2020 is truly the year of the reboot/reunion/revamp!

Posting on his Twitter account, Sacha wrote: "Jagshemash my name Borat Sagdiyev, I like mouth party. Thank you Mr. Sacha Karen Cohen for let me usings your visual fax machine. Please you will look on this space tomorrow at 8.07pm Kazakhstan Time. Chenquieh."

The movie is set to premiere on Amazon Prime this month! October 23rd, to be exact!

The trailer just dropped and fans couldn't be more excited!

Will you be tuning in for Borat 2?! Let us know in the comments below!