Nicole Kidman Stuns Fans With New Hair Transformation

Nicole Kidman is so stranger to a good hair moment. Heck, she practically invented them! So when the 53-year-old debuted her new locks on Instagram (while sharing a trailer for her latest project) and showed off her STUNNING new hairdo, fans couldn't help but feel nostalgic!

If there's one thing this world loves, it's a red headed Nicole Kidman!

Nicole Kidman has been a stunning blonde for so long, it's easy to forget her roots!

Back in the day, however, Ms. Kidman was everyone's favorite redhead, especially when her hair was styled in ringlets!

It was like THE Nicole Kidman look!

Getty Images | Francis Apesteguy

Ever since Nicole made the switch to bombshell blonde, fans have secretly longed for this Nicole to come back!

Well, in the new trailer for her HBO show *The Undoing* Nicole is every bit as auburn and ringlet-y as we could have hoped!

"Red curly haired NK is the best Nicole Kidman!!! Can’t wait!" commented fan @thebeautyrookie.

"Nicole told age to leave her alone. She's looks AMAZING!" agreed @alysssssaaaa_xo.

I think it's safe to say many fans will be tuning in ~just~ for the great hair. To be fair, the show looks really good too!

What do you think about Nicole's throwback hairdo?!

Let us know in the comments below!

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