15+ Pics That Sucked All Of The Fun Out Of Peoples' Days

When we have an unpleasant encounter with someone, the more level-headed people in our lives will tell us that we don't know what that person had to deal with that day.

And indeed, everyone has bad days that put their moods straight into the toilet. While there are certainly many things to worry about in the world, that doesn't mean we feel any less frustrated when things don't go right closer to home.

From the outside, these things can seem minor but they can also be the straw that broke the camel's back for that day or were the result of someone getting our hopes up and disappointing us.

But whatever impact the things we're about to see had, they're definitely the reasons why somebody's day sucked.

Hmm, I wonder what could've possibly wrecked these brownies?

If only there was some kind of clue like a paw print or a seriously guilty look on a certain cat's face.

On the plus side, we guess we learned that it's not just dogs that are capable of remorse.

In only the most technical way possible, this is an M&M ice cream sandwich.

Even though this was probably assembled by a machine, it still feels like someone was trolling the customer here.

I think we can just call this one an "M" sandwich. It hasn't earned the "&M."

This driver in Ghent, Belgium learned the hard way that not all traffic signs are intended for cars.

They also learned that if a sign directs your car down some stairs, it's probably not talking to you. That's going to be fun to deal with.

I think we've all accidentally melted plastic at some point in our lives but the results aren't usually this colorful.

But since this was apparently somebody's favorite oatmeal container, they're probably not going to see that as a silver lining.

And I suppose that when you have to clean up a mess that smells like burning plastic, it doesn't matter how colorful it is.

Even though these cabinets were only installed a year ago, they've already given up the ghost in a pretty spectacular way.

And since they were put in before the uploader moved in, they don't even know who to blame for what was obviously a half-hearted installation.

Since the door on this dryer closed like usual, there was no reason for the uploader to suspect their favorite shirt became caught in the latch.

Sadly, this now means that it's more or less ruined and only works as some kind of outsider art piece.

Everything around this house was overgrown and in serious need of a landscaper but it seems that hiring one brought about its own challenges.

Although they don't really blame the landscaper for what happened, I still shudder to inform you that this was the house's main internet cable.

At least a replacement is just a call away.

Apparently, this is what it looks like when a book goes through the washing machine.

And although we might expect this to be the work of some kids monkeying around, the truth is that the book was small enough to forget in a pocket.


This isn't terribly uncommon when a deodorant stick is old enough but this one was supposedly brand new.

So it's hard to tell what exactly happened here and it'll be even harder to actually use this thing now.

Although it was likely a proud day when the uploader's partner opened a new shop in Moes, Germany, it seems that celebration was short-lived.

Because not only did this construction barrier appear the very next day but it'll remain here for several months.

Because if there's one thing new customers love, it's inconvenience.

After making their own cheese for three hours, this person decided to make a cheesecake with dark cherries they had picked earlier.

Unfortunately, this decision happened to coincide with the startling moment when this glass tray suddenly burst.

I'm not sure how much glass they had to pick out of the cheesecake but I do know the shards went all over them, their kitchen, and their pet's bowl.

It's a little hard to see but this tire ran over a nail, which apparently decided to move in.

Sharp-eyed commenters pointed out that the driver must have passed by a construction site because that's a roofing nail.

They also noticed that the tire was already pretty beat-up so at least this is a good excuse to replace it.

Unfortunately, the reason why these wedding photos lie next to this dumpster is probably exactly what you're expecting.

The uploader said that she "literally just got dumped" and seeing this moment of joy in the trash does a lot to illustrate how sad of a situation that is.

While it's not unheard of to discover that someone tried to break into your car by smashing the window, this would-be thief had a weird way of going about it.

Not only did they break this tiny window but they apparently decided there wasn't even anything worth stealing in here.

That means they just left this person with an almost $100 insurance deductible and didn't even gain anything in the process.

After a particularly bad storm in New York City, this person ended up with one huge mess to deal with.

And that would be bad enough if almost every part of that mess didn't look so sharp. Some days just don't reward you for getting out of bed.

I can recall the vacuum cleaner making some weird sounds when it sucked up something it wasn't supposed to so I can only imagine the racket this caused.

Until now, I wouldn't have guessed that a vacuum cleaner could suck an entire pair of earbuds up but here we are.

Fortunately, it seems like they stayed intact and functional so that honestly makes this pretty cool.

And it's an especially strange outcome considering how messed up these earbuds are after going through much less.

All the uploader did was pick up a key they had dropped and this somehow brought their headphones down on the pavement hard enough to completely bend the jack.

I really need to see how that happened.

It's obviously scary to smash a car into a tree but it's just weird and unfortunate when that car isn't even being driven.

As we can see here, somebody plowed into the back and not only wrecked it up but also damaged the front by treating the vehicle like a pinball.

The uploader said it's now totalled as a result.

Some of us have been unlucky enough to see our phones fall in a toilet but this person was even less lucky.

Not only did it take a gross plunge but it seems that half the screen has completely burned out as a result.

I don't think rice can fix that.

As this person said, "I took a couple bites out of the other half..."

Unsurprisingly, they've since sent a message to Subway's customer service website because it's obviously unacceptable to serve something so dangerously moldy.

And now, they're stuck playing a tense waiting game to see if they were spared from food poisoning.

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