Fran Drescher Celebrates Her 63rd Birthday

There are some old TV shows that are perfect exactly the way they are, and The Nanny is definitely one of them. Full of wit, charm, and heart, the show is still fun to watch almost three decades later, a lot of that is owed to the star of the show, Fran Drescher.

Fran is celebrating her 63rd birthday this year, and we're here to celebrate her!

Fran Drescher is best known as Fran Fine on *The Nanny*.

Fran starred for six years as the stylish, hilarious, and outgoing nanny, but she's also appeared in films like Gorp, The Hollywood Knights, This Is Spinal Tap, Sharkbait and Jack.

Her iconic look and voice make her instantly recognizable pretty much wherever you might've seen her!

Fran was born on September 30th, 1957.

That means that Fran is celebrating her 63rd birthday this year even though she looks just as youthful and fresh faced as she always has. Obviously, fans took to social media to share their birthday wishes and celebrations of the star!

Fran herself was grateful for the love.

Fran asked that for her birthday, people who wanted to send her a gift should make a donation to her non-profit, Cancer Schmancer, which she founded after her own battle with cancer.

Happy birthday, Fran! We hope 63 brings you as much magic as all the years before it!